Enrollment Services 

"Where Information Comes Together"

Terri Sangiorgio - Director
Building 2A, Room 106


The Office of Enrollment Services would like to welcome students back to campus. Our in-person office hours are as follows:

Monday - Thursday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Please visit  CSI Staff Re-Entry | Presidential Communications | CSI CUNY Website for re-entry protocol.

Enrollment Services is a beautiful, comfortable area, located in the North Administration building 2A, room 106, "where information comes together." Cross-trained staff members are available to answer a myriad of student questions, as well as assist students in getting the help they need from the large number of administrative departments and academics.

Enrollment Services provides information about various college services, such as Financial Aid, Registrar, Academic Advisement, Testing, and more. Enrollment Services is a place to receive information and assistance in one central location. When in-depth counseling is required, the staff will ensure that an appropriate referral is made.

Enrollment Services has a state of the art calling system that is linked to other offices on the main floor of the 2A building. You simply take a ticket at the kiosk in the center of the atrium for the office you need and wait for your number to be announced. This system allows the advisors to transfer your ticket when necessary to other offices without increasing your wait time.

Need a place to log into the CUNY Portal or pay your bill on line? Feel free to use the computer lab located in building 2A, room 104. 

Stop by Enrollment Services so we can help you with these inquiries and more:

Want to learn how to apply for Financial Aid? Have a question regarding your Financial Aid eligibility? Ways to pay for your education? Have a CUNYFirst Hold you want to inquire about?  Maybe you’ve been away for a while and want to come back and continue your degree. From the simple to the complex, the dedicated Enrollment Services advisors are here to answer your questions.

Mission & Goals

Enrollment Services serves as a resource for students to have College questions addressed in a single location. Toward that end, it strives to facilitate the institutional mission of the College by providing superior customer service in a student friendly environment.


Maintain a student centered environment while helping students navigate enrollment processes.
Strive to maintain student wait for services to five minutes or less.
Provide students with the service they require or refer to the office that will provide the service.