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Students can complete their Registration transactions online however, if in-person assistance is needed the Registrar Service Center is located in building 2A, room 107. The hours of operation are as follows:

Registrar Service Center Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9:00am - 4:45pm
Thursday 9:00am - 6:45pm

Please note that the Registrar's Service Center will close at 4:45pm when there are no classes in session.

Please refer to the important updates on our message board.

Registration appointments for continuing students

Continuing students can find their registration date by logging on to their CUNYfirst self-service account. You must meet with your advisor prior to registering and if possible bring with you your CUNYfirst “EMPLID”, which is your 8-digit ID number. Once you have been advised you may log in to CUNYfirst and begin registering. Registration can be done from any computer with internet access and students may register for courses on or after their appointed time. If you have a negative service indicator (STOP OR HOLD) please arrange to clear it before you begin the registration process. You can view these service indicators under “Holds” on the first screen of your CUNYfirst account.

***To view your registration appointment, please Claim Your CUNYfirst account.  Once setup, log into CUNYfirst and navigate to your Student Center.  On the right hand side of this page, under the heading “Enrollment Dates”, you will see your assigned registration appointment.***

To view a step by step tutorial on how to enroll in classes in CUNYfirst please visit: CUNYfirst Training for Students

Students with questions may call 718.982.2120, email us at or go to the Office of the Registrar, North Administration Building (2A), Room 107.

Registration information for readmitted, visiting, non-degree or e-permit students 

Previous CSI Students who did not file for readmission and visiting or e-permit students who did not file an online application with the Registrar’s Office need to do this in order to have access to CUNYfirst to register. Students are encouraged to file an application as soon as possible. Students will be notified once their application has been processed. Applicants for readmission to the RN to BS degree program in Nursing must complete both forms, the "Application for Undergraduate Readmission" and the "Supplemental Application": Supplemental Application for Admission into the RN to BS in Nursing

  1. Readmission: 
    Application for Undergraduate Readmission
  2. Visiting or Non-Degree Student
    Information for Visiting or Non-degree Students
    Application for Visiting and Non-Degree Students
  3. E-permit:
    ePermit Information
    Apply for an ePermit

Registration Schedule

Students are permitted to register based upon their status. Moreover, during priority registration, appointments are assigned based on credits completed. Dates are subject to change based on the Academic Calendar. Students with questions may call 718.982.2120, email us at  or go to the Office of the Registrar, North Administration Building (2A), Room 107.

Summer/Fall 2017 Registration Schedule for Graduate/Undergraduate

Registration Category Dates Beginning: Description
Registration: CSI continuing 

Summer: April 6
Fall: April 6

This registration period is for continuing students enrolled in Spring 2017. Continuing students may register for Summer and then Fall Semester separately.
Late Readmitted students

Summer : April 24
Fall: April 24

Students who have filed for Summer/Fall 2017 semester readmission after March 1st
non-degree and CUNY E-Permit students
Summer: April 20
Fall: August 1
This registration period is for visiting, non-degree and CUNY e-Permits.  
Start of Senior Citizen registration 

Summer: June 5 
Fall: August 25

Please refer to the college catalog under "tuition and fees" for fees associated with senior citizen registration - Catalog
Late Registration  Summer: June 6 1st 4WK/8WK
Summer: July 5 2nd 4WK
Fall: August 28 – August 29
Students registering during this period will be charged a late registration fee.  Students adding a course(s) to an  existing schedule or switching sections are subject to a change of program fee on or after the first day of classes. 
Late Registration for continuing students Summer: June 6 1st 4WK/8WK
Summer: : July 5 2nd Sec 4WK
Fall: August 31-Financial Aid Certification Enrollment Status Date
If you register on or before the late registration dates for Summer or Fall, you will NOT need an over tally to register for an OPEN section. After you will need an over tally to register for any course section (open or closed). You will need a waiver at any point during the registration process if the department requires it. For more information on how to obtain an over tally and waiver, please go to our FAQ. If you are adding classes after this date, and you receive financial aid, please refer to the Financial Aid page for the most up to date information.

The offices below are helpful if you encounter additional problems during registration. For information on the following, please click on the link below: