New Student Mentoring Program

The New Student Mentoring Program


The New Student Mentoring Program is a peer-mentoring program that offers assistance and information for students year-round, especially those in their first year. The program is staffed by upper-division CSI students (representing a variety of majors), who are available to assist students with questions or concerns. The New Student Mentors create CLUE workshops throughout the year on various topics to help students transition to college, as well as, connect with continuing students as they progress through their college experience. The New Student Mentors also serve as a resource for information and provide referral services to help connect students to the vast resources available on campus to help them successfully navigate college life.

Connecting with a New Student Mentor

If you’re a currently enrolled student at CSI and would like to be mentored by a peer mentor, students are encouraged to take part in the New Student Mentoring Program. This is a free service available to all students who are looking for peer-support to help guide them through the college experience. Students work with their New Student Mentors to help locate campus resources, understand college policies and regulations, guide them to the path for registration for the upcoming semester, where to go to get involved, understanding academic grades, CLUE matters, and much more. The New Student Mentors can also work with students to keep them on track during the semester to ensure a successful semester as the college.

Don’t have time in your schedule to meet with a New Student Mentor? Peer-mentoring can be provided in many forms including: scheduled in-office appointments, scheduled phone appointments, email appointments, drop-in, and much more.

If you are interested in being paired with a New Student Mentor, please complete the online application. After completed the online application, you will receive communication from your assigned New Student Mentor to begin the peer-mentoring process.

Have a general question and need some guidance? Contact a New Student Mentor by email at, or visit building 2A, room 208.

Academic Warning/Probation New Student Mentoring

The New Student Mentoring Program provides peer-to-peer mentoring on a variety of first-year initiatives, including supporting first year students who are on or at risk of academic probation at CSI through a collaborative effort with the Counseling Center. We realize that poor academic performance can have many different causes. The New Student Mentoring Program provides New Student Mentors to support students as they work to return to good academic standing. The New Student Mentors assists students with becoming more focused by working together to address challenges, improve strengths, and connect to the various resources on campus that can help them reach their academic goals by serving as a guide and referral service.

This is a special peer mentoring initiative for first-year students identified as on or at risk of academic probation. Ideally, contact with a New Student Mentor begins within the first few weeks of the semester. Goal-setting is a primary focus for students and mentors because it serves to encompass a variety of skill-building activities, including time management, motivation, and prioritizing activities. In addition, the New Student Mentors host a variety of CLUE workshops on various transitional issues to help assist with academic success and student development.

First-year students on or at risk of academic probation are reached out to by the New Student Mentors at the beginning of each semester to participate in the New Student Mentoring Program after students have received notification about their academic standing at the college. The New Student Mentoring Program is individualized—tailored to help students with their specific needs and challenges.

Want to Become a New Student Mentor?

All current full-time CSI students are eligible to apply to become a New Student Mentor in the New Student Mentoring Program. To meet the eligibility criteria, students need to be in good academic and disciplinary standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0), and demonstrate leadership or leadership potential. The New Student Mentoring Program houses seven student mentors and recruitment for these positions occur on an as needed basis.  Openings for the New Student Mentoring Program are posted on CSI Connect. You will need to use your SLAS account to access the application information.


For any questions regarding the New Student Mentoring Program, please contact New Student Programs at 718.982.2529 or email