Leadership Program

The New Student Orientation Leadership Program


New Student Programs is dedicated to assisting new students in their first-year of college, whether entering as a freshman or a transfer student. Orientation is one of the valuable first-steps a student takes when entering CSI. It prepares student to acclimate to a new environment as they learn where classes are located, what to expect from professors, and how to tap into college resources and support services. New Student Programs oversees the New Student Orientation Leadership Program, in which current CSI students are recruited to serve as New Student Orientation Leaders (OLs).

What Do New Student Orientation Leaders Do?

LeadersOLs are role models, as well as, sources of support and information for new students. OLs play a major role in facilitating the transition of new students to the College of Staten Island. They work collaboratively with other OLs, CSI faculty, and professional staff from all areas of the campus. OLs are expected to make each orientation program a success. An OL’s top priority is student service and should act as a source of accurate information about academic, personal, and social resources on campus. OLs also serve as contributing members of New Student Programs, and engage with new students, parents and CSI constituents in a professional and positive manner. OLs are generally recruited once a year because students are accepted into the program for one full-year. After the completion of one year of service, interested OLs may reapply to the program. This is a seasonal leadership program, which takes places during the month of January and the summer months between June and August.

Responsibilities of an OL and Terms of Employment

As a paid leadership opportunity, OLs help facilitate discussion groups with incoming students and participate in and co-facilitate team building activities, diversity workshops, and civility segments, as well as, assisting students through the registration process for their first semester of classes. OLs are serve as the leader and guide for their students throughout the orientation programs. Therefore, OLs must exhibit a sense of pride, enthusiasm, and connectedness about the college and be able to communicate this with new students. In addition, OLs assist in the preparation of orientation activities and materials and acquaint new students with campus services and facilitate campus tours. OLs are expected to understand and explain academic and student service opportunities and procedures as well. OLs will also learn and gain leadership skills to help build or further their abilities as a leader. In order to be an effective leader for new students, OLs must undergo a week of training to learn more about the various services and opportunities available to students, learn about issues impacting first-year students, and develop foundational skills to provide students with the best orientation experience. OLs are expected to abide by all university student conduct codes at all times, and OLs must also be full-time students and have the ability to legally work at the College of Staten Island.

How Do I Join the New Student Orientation Leadership Program?

All current full-time CSI students are eligible to apply for the New Student Orientation Leadership Program. To meet the eligibility criteria, students should be in good academic and disciplinary standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7), and demonstrate leadership or leadership potential. In addition, you must have completed a minimum of 12 credits and no more than 90 credits at the time of application. Formal recruitment for the program occurs once a year during the spring semester. Information workshops are held early in the spring semester to inform interested students more about the program, what it takes to be an OL, what the experience is like, and how to apply. Interested students are not required to attend an information session in order to apply. During the spring semester and once open recruitment begins, applications can be accessed through CSI Connect. You will need to use your SLAS account to access the application information.


For any questions regarding the New Student Orientation Leadership Program, please contact New Student Programs at 718.982.2529 or email nsomentor@csi.cuny.edu.