Medical Records

Health & Wellness Services
Campus Center (1C), Room 112

You must provide proof of 2 doses of measles, 1 dose of mumps,1 dose of rubella and 1 dose of meningococcal vaccines. You may opt to sign the meningitis refusal form instead of receiving the vaccination. Please return the completed Immunization Record Form to the Health Center, Campus Center (1C), room 112. You may make an appointment to receive the MMR vaccine in the Health Center.

Immunization Documents can be scanned/imaged and emailed to  

Your immunization records may be obtained from the following sources:

  • An official school immunization record.
  • An official childhood baby book immunization record.
  • An official stamped copy of your immunization record from your healthcare provider.
  • Lab results that show positive immune blood titers.

Students registering for a physical education class (PED) must submit a Medical Certificate for Participation in PED 190 form.

Please be advised that you will be stopped from registering for classes until the Health Center receives your immunization forms and has cleared you to continue with the registration process.