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We hope you are well and staying healthy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Due to the NYS on Pause executive order, all on-campus in-person visits and recruitment events are postponed until further notice. 

Please join us for Weekly and Weekend General Infosessions, and Virtual Infosessions by Majors/Programs as an alternate to our in-person events (see below). 

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Virtual Infosession Series by Majors/Programs

Join us for in-depth discussion of select majors. Explore degree requirements, program highlights, and career paths in a virtual setting. Upcoming sessions (check periodically as additional sessions will be added during the Fall semester):

Accelerated Degree and Affiliate Programs at the College of Staten Island


Date/Time: Wednesday, July 29 or Wednesday, August 19 • 4:30pm EST
Designed for highly motivated and academically talented students, our accelerated degree and affiliate programs provide a pathway to earn both an undergraduate (associate's or bachelor's) and an advanced degree (master's or doctorate) in five to seven years or less.

Please join us to discuss the following programs:

Bachelor's to Master's
BS/MS in Computer Science, BSEE/MEEE in Electrical Engineering, and Advanced Standing MSW in Social Work. Earn a bachelor's and a master's in five years or less.

College of Staten Island/SUNY Affiliate Programs
Earn an Associate's (AS) and Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in six years.
Earn a Bachelor's (BS) and Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) in seven years.
Earn a Bachelor's (BS) and Doctor of Optometry (DO) in seven years.

This event requires a registration. You will be provided with a meeting link a few days before the event.


Honors Programs


Date/Time: Wednesday, August 12 • 4:30pm EST

The College of Staten Island (CSI) offers several honors programs, learning communities, accelerated programs and an array of undergraduate research opportunities tailored for academically gifted students. 


Please join us and the program directors for discussion on the following:

The Macaulay Honors College—University Scholars Program, ranked as one of the top five honors programs in the country*, provides high-achieving students with a special honors curriculum of innovative and challenging courses during the first and second years of study. 


CSI also offers two unique honors programs: The Verrazano School offers students a specially designed undergraduate education through academically motivated learning communities; and the Teacher Education Honors Academy (TEHA) is for students passionate about Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science who want to teach and inspire middle and high school students to excel in these disciplines.


All of CSI’s honors programs offer students merit-based scholarships, their own lounge, dedicated academic advisors and a plethora of research, study abroad, mentorship, career and internship opportunities. 


These and other competitive programs, such as our accelerated degrees, challenge gifted student​s to reach new academic heights.




This event requires a registration. You will be provided with a meeting link. 


Meet Our Faculty and Staff:

  • Holly Block, Assistant Director for Recruitment
  • Anita Romano, Program Manager, Macaulay Honors College at CSI
  • Dolph Mascari, Admissions Advisor/Recruiter


Weekly Virtual Infosessions (General Overview)

Please join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00pm for live 45-minute presentations including an overview of CSI's outstanding academic programs, honors and opportunity programs, how to apply to the College, plus next steps to enroll for our admitted students.


Takeaway fact sheets (PDF format) are included.


These events require a reservation. You will be sent a written confirmation and meeting link a day or two before the infosession date.

Recorded Infosessions and Highlight Videos

Visit our virtual open house page and learn more about our programs by accessing recorded infosessions and highlight videos.


Summer 2020 Research Workshop Series

Upcoming Research Opportunities at the College of Staten Island:


The Metagenomics: DNA Sequencing Workshop: Summer 2020

A unique research opportunity in the new biological field of “Metagenomics,” the study of DNA and gene sequencing of microbes (microscopic organisms) recovered from the environment (soil, seawater, and desert) and human body without culturing them in the laboratory. Metagenomics is used to investigate and understand the evolution, metabolism and interplay of these microbes. Become part of a growing new field where scientists expect exciting and major breakthroughs! 16 hours, 8 sessions, Lab and Materials fee required. The workshop is tentatively scheduled for the last two weeks of July and/or August 2020. 


CSI's Summer 2020 Research Workshop Series in Biology and Chemistry

An exciting array of research opportunities in:

  • Marine Pollution
  • Cell/Molecular Biology and Physiology
  • Metagenomics: The Sequencing of DNA
  • Sustainability and Conservation in New York City
  • Experiments and Computations in Chemistry​

Stay tuned: Dates and application to be posted soon!