The Metagenomics: DNA Sequencing Workshop: Offered Again During Early Spring!

A unique research opportunity in the new biological field of “Metagenomics”, the study of DNA and gene sequencing of microbes (microscopic organisms) recovered from the environment (soil, seawater, and desert) and human body without culturing them in the laboratory. Metagenomics is used to investigate and understand the evolution, metabolism and interplay of these microbes. Become part of a growing new field where scientists expect exciting and major breakthroughs!

Workshop Benefits: 

  • Perform hands-on research/lab analysis and learn the basics of operating sophisticated research equipment and tools in CSI’s state-of-the-art Molecular Biology Lab.
  • Experience the research process—develop hypotheses, design experiments, analyze data generated in the laboratory, and learn sample-gathering techniques of the material collected from environmental sites.
  • Build a professional and personal relationship with CSI professors, research team and fellow students who will mentor you and help advance your education and career goals in a collegiate environment!

Examples of what you will do:

  • Extract DNA from environmental samples, perform a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to make copies of a DNA sequence, run your PCR on an agarose gel to visualize the DNA you extracted and amplified
  • Perform some bioinformatics (computer-based analysis) to identify bacteria present in samples and determine the impact of human activity on the environment and vice versa

Applicant Qualifications*:

  • Be a high school junior OR senior
  • Meet minimum academic standards (85.0 Grade Point Average – unweighted and 600 MATH SAT) 
  • No Advanced Placement (AP) in Biology and/or Chemistry course necessary

*Students with a genuine interest in the sciences but not pursuing a science curriculum are welcome to apply as long as they have completed a biology course

To Apply: Complete the short application online: or access the link @
Application Deadline:  Monday, January 27, 2020
Workshop Size: 24 seats available in the program and applications will be considered on a first come-first serve basis. Accepted participants are expected to promptly reply and accept our offer
When: 1/29/2020–3/18/2020, (Wednesdays only, once a week for eight weeks) from 4:00–6:00 p.m. (combination lecture and lab)
Where: Biological and Chemical Sciences Building (Building 6S, Room 143)
Cost:  $300 lab fee for materials, check or money order payable to College of Staten Island (compared to $3,000 and higher workshop tuition at other colleges/universities)
Recognition: Participants completing the Workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion validating their accomplishment/achievement
Faculty: Faiza Peetz, M.D., Ass’t.Professor in Biology; Chang-Hui Shen, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Biology Department; CUNY Graduate Center, Ph.D. Program in Biology; Institute for Macromolecular Assemblies, CUNY 

With more than 70 science research labs, outstanding faculty, extensive offering of classes in the sciences and Pre-Med Advisory Committee, CSI’s students enrolled in various science programs have gone on to top medical, dental and veterinary schools as well as elite graduate programs for diverse majors/careers including physical therapy, physician assistant, speech pathology, environmental science, pharmacy and science research.

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