Academy of Retired Professionals (ARP)

Hello! We appreciate your interest and invite you take part in the Academy of Retired Professionals, whether you retired from CSI or our predecessor institutions, Staten Island Community College and Richmond College.

Founded in 2009, The Academy of Retired Professionals is intended for retired faculty and professional staff of the College, who wish to remain engaged with each other and the life of the College.

For the members of ARP, teaching, research, and academic service have been a lifelong endeavor to which we are still willing and able to contribute. In turn, CSI enjoys meaningful, productive relationships with a group of their most experienced and dedicated employees. 

Contact Information

Building 1A, Room 103

Academy of Retired Professionals (ARP) Goals 

  • To provide opportunities for our members to come together for social, recreational, and educational purposes that contribute to the welfare of our retirees and strengthen our rich legacy with the College of Staten Island.
  • Sponsor an Annual ARP Scholarship for a deserving student through our contributions. 
  • To support efforts of members to carry on their research, writing, and other scholarly interests. 
  • To hold biannual social events on campus to celebrate the holidays and our ARP Scholarship Recipient at Commencement season. 
  • To support efforts of members to carry on their research, writing, and other scholarly interests.
  • To provide liaison among retirees and the active faculty as well as the administrative officers of the College of Staten Island. 

ARP Ad-Hoc Executive Committee,

Frank Battaglia      Joel Berger                  Irene Deitch              Cornell Frank 
Joan Hartman        Roberta Klibaner         Ann Merlino              Richard Schwartz
Miriam Tausner      Roberta Vogel             Mohamed Yousef

Academy of Retired Professors Scholarship
We began the ARP Scholarship Fund in 2013-2014. Each year since then we’ve raised enough money to provide a scholarship of $1,000 and, at the same time, we strive to build an endowment as our legacy. All contributions, large and small, are welcome. 

Scholarships given in the name of retired faculty and staff express our appreciation of and respect for the excellent students we taught and those who follow them. While the recipients are chosen by the Scholarship Committee, they feel particularly honored to be supported by retired faculty and staff.

Make a Scholarship Gift 

Become an ARP Member
All are welcome to become members of ARP. There are no dues to join. All you need is an interest in remaining connected to our colleagues and sharing our rich legacy at the College.