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Emerging Leaders

The CSI Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) helps our students build a strong sense of self, confidence in their leadership ability and establish long-lasting friendships so they may become active and engaged citizens of the College of Staten Island and other surrounding communities.  The Emerging Leaders Program cultivates, coaches and empowers our student leaders for tomorrow.  These leaders will leave our school as skillful and accomplished leaders from diverse backgrounds in our community who will be moving into major leadership positions in our local, national and global organizations. 

Contact Information

Robert King Kee

Coordinator for Student Leadership Development

Building 1C, Room 201
Email Robert King Kee

9:00am - 5:00pm

The Office of Student Life oversees this leadership development program that engages a diversity of individuals in a year-long experiential collaborative, skill-building program. The program focuses on several critical skills, including communication and negotiation strategies, cultural competency, risk taking and goal setting, ethical practices, team building, civic engagement and networking.  As a CSI Emerging Leader, you will meet, network, and make connections with other students, faculty, staff, and local community leaders. 

First, because it's fun!

This program is just one of the many exciting activities and leadership opportunities available for you to meet other students and to broaden your college experience outside the classroom. ELP is a selective and competitive program for students having achieved high academic standards who are interested in giving back and serving the community.

Through the CSI Emerging Leaders Program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop the leadership skills employers frequently cite as necessary for success
  • Learn about your own strengths and challenges as a leader
  • Explore your own definition of leadership
  • Plan activities that make a difference in your campus or local community
  • Interact with senior level administrators from the College
  • Meet with faculty and staff mentors outside the classroom and office settings

The Emerging Leaders Program is a full year leadership program open to all full time students who have completed 24 credits and have at least a 2.5 GPA or better.  These student leaders will participate in 12 workshops throughout the year that will focus on connecting various skill sets in relation to leadership.  As part of the program our leaders will participate in an experiential learning ropes course designed to show the importance of collaboration, team work and courage when challenges arise and how to work together to achieve team goals.  Each student is required to complete at least 25 hours of community service each semester.
Success in any venture does not happen by accident.  Leadership of a team, organization, business or community should not be left to chance.  Developing leadership at CSI and throughout the Greater NYC region is an important priority for all of us here in the CSI Division of Student and Enrollment Services. The Office of Student Life at the College of Staten Island is committed to identifying and engaging the next generation of our nation’s leaders. 
We believe that the only real training for leadership is leadership.  The CSI Emerging Leaders Program is sure to be one full of personal growth, professional learning and fun.  Peter Drucker once said, “Whenever you see a successful leader or business, someone once made a courageous decision.”  Take the risk!  Become a better leader!  Take pride in CSI!   Apply for the Emerging Leaders Program today!

Applications for each year long class of the ELP Program are accepted online only.  You must log into CSI Connect with your SLAS Username and Password and complete the online application.  The application is available online from January 1st – April 30th for the following fall Semester.
Admitted students will be required to attend a mandatory orientation program in August.
To find out more about the Emerging Leaders Program or other Leadership Opportunities, contact the Office of Student Life, Campus Center, (1C), room 201.