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Fall 2021: August 23 - December 10 (On campus and Online)

Spring 2022: January 18 - May 13 (On campus and Online)

Summer 1 - 2022: May 31 - July 7 (On campus and Online)

Summer 2 - 2022: July 11 - August 18 (On campus and Online)

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English in New York

The English Language Institute offers intensive English instruction for international students and professionals. The program is comprehensive. It covers all aspects of the language, including speaking, listening, reading and writing. The focus is on developing the skills and confidence needed in academic, professional and social situations.

Contact Information

English Language Institute
Center for Global Engagement
Building 2A, Room 206
Phone : 7189822100
Email English Language Institute

ELI office hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
By email: elistudy@csi.cuny.edu

For an “ADA” accessible copy of these documents, please contact The Center for Global Engagement:
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ELI Calendar

Term Start End
Spring January May
Summer 1 June July
Summer 2 July August
Fall August December


ELI Fees

Term Tuition Fee (US$)
Spring (16 weeks) 3,400
Summer 1 (6 weeks) 1,600
Summer 2 (6 weeks) 1,600
Fall (16 weeks) 3,400


* Application Fee: US$ 100

* Document Processing Fee: US$ 100 (F-1 student visa applicants only)

* I-20 courier: US$ 100 - FedEx cost to send I-20 for F-1 student visa

ELI Online Intensive English Program: Information here.


**** Summer and Fall 2021 ****

Our campus will be closed next summer 2021 but is planning to return gradually next Fall 2021. The Intensive English Program will keep the same format during the summer with an online offer. For Fall 2021, ELI classes will be offered 100% on campus and 100% online.


American Language and Culture

The program introduces participants to American society, government, and education while enhancing their English language ability. Through academic programs, visits to public and private institutions, and social events with Americans in informal settings, participants will become acquainted with individual Americans and with the “American way of life.”

Programs for Companies

To help organizations meet their employees' language training objectives, the English Language Institute can design and implement on-site programs in English for speakers of other languages. Courses may range from basic training in oral and written English for people with minimal proficiency, to advanced programs in Effective Business Communication and Business Writing for highly proficient speakers. Participants work on all aspects of the language, including professionally related vocabulary, idiomatic English, and appropriate business tone and style. Simulated business presentations, meetings, and negotiations are part of the class format. The focus is on developing effective communication skills and intercultural performance in the workplace.

Business English

The English Language Institute designs and implements programs for executives, managers, and technical specialists who are engaged in or are planning business activities in the United States. The program is highly specialized to meet the unique needs of individuals and groups. Materials are researched and prepared to have direct relevance to the conduct of business in the participants' fields. The principal objective is to help participants become efficient and confident users of English and to facilitate all aspects of business and social interaction with their English-speaking counterparts.

Customized English and Cultural Orientation Programs

The ELI also offers American Language and Cultural Programs specially designed for groups of international professionals or students and business people. This is an increasingly popular program and in Europe is referred to as a “Language Vacation”. This is a very flexible program and is intended to help participants become more effective and knowledgeable travelers.

Private classes and contract programs can be arranged on an individual, case-by-case basis. Please email elistudy@csi.cuny.edu for more information.


Private English classes at ELI (Tutoring)

The English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Staten Island/CUNY offers private English classes for those who already live in New York City and cannot take a full-time program. These tutoring sessions are ideal for students who have limited time for language learning, no time to go to daily group classes, need to learn faster, or want to improve a specific language skill.

What is tutoring about?

Tutoring is a private session where students learn English focused on their specific language needs. Tutoring can be one-to-one (one student and one teacher) or in small groups (two or three students). Students decide which skill they want to practice. Tutoring can be focused on speaking, pronunciation, fluency, writing, listening, vocabulary, Business English vocabulary, or any other skill the student wants to improve.

What's the schedule?

- Students decide which days and times they want to have the tutoring sessions. 

- Tutoring is usually offered between Monday and Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

- Tutoring in the evening or Saturdays can be arranged based on teacher's availability and room space. 

- Tutoring can start and finish any day of the year. Tutoring is not available on holidays and special occasions when the college is closed.

- Students are free to reschedule classes if arranged with the teacher ahead of time.

How many days or hours do I need?

Our tutoring sessions require you register for at least 24 hours of classes, which you can distribute in different days and weeks. We suggest you take at least two hours per day, three times a week, for an effective learning process.

Do I need to know English already?

No, you can have any level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Our teachers will start at your own level.

I speak English at an intermediate or advanced level. I just want to practice pronunciation. Can I do that in tutoring?

Yes, you can have tutoring classes with the skills you want to practice or improve.

I don't speak English at all, can you teach the basics in tutoring?

Yes, you can take tutoring classes and start from zero.

Do I need books?

No, the teacher will bring books, handouts, games, and other materials to class.

Do I need a student visa for tutoring?


How much is tutoring?

Tutoring is US$75 per hour per student. You are required to take at least 24 hours of tutoring. No application fee is needed.

Where are the classes?

Tutoring takes place at the College of Staten Island campus, at the Center for Global Engagement (CSI's international office) where the English Language Institute is, in a private conference room, study room, or small classroom on campus. The address is 2800 Victory Boulevard, Building 2A, Office 206, Staten Island, NY 10314.

How can I register?

You can register visiting our office, by email: elistudy@csi.cuny.edu, or by phone: 718.982.2100


Scholarship - Summer 2022

Partial scholarship to learn English at the English Language Institute (ELI) next summer 2022 at the College of Staten Island/The City University of New York (CUNY). Scholarship granted to first 20 complete applications, with US$300 application fees and application forms, to non-US citizens/residents and only for students living outside the USA at the time of application. Not applicable for returning ELI students (former ELI students). Student must show bank statement to prove financial support and apply to F-1 student visa. Partial scholarship only covers tuition fee.

- Regular tuition fee of 4 weeks: US$ 1,200; with scholarship, student pays US$ 560.

- Regular tuition fee of 6 weeks: US$ 1,600; with scholarship, student pays US$ 840.

- Regular tuition fee of 8 weeks: US$ 2,080; with scholarship, student pays US$ 1,120.

- Regular tuition fee of 10 weeks: US$ 2,600; with scholarship, student pays US$ 1,400.

- Regular tuition fee of 12 weeks: US$ 3,120; with scholarship, student pays US$ 1,680.


- Summer 1 (May 31-July 7): March 18, 2022.

- Summer 2 (July 11-August 18): April 29, 2022.

Scholarship does not cover travel expenses, meals, housing, transportation, airport pickup/drop-off, mandatory health insurance, books, visa, SEVIS, and personal or living expenses. Students should register here to apply: https://elistudy.wixsite.com/scholarship

En español: los estudiantes deben registrarse en este link para participar: https://elistudy.wixsite.com/englishnewyork-beca

Em português: os alunos devem se registrar neste link para participar: https://elistudy.wixsite.com/englishnewyork-bolsa

Scholarship is not for returning ELI students. The scholarship is offered to 18+ years-old, no age limit. Scholarship offered with F-1 student visa only.