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The English Language Institute, known as ELI, is part of the College of Staten Island/The City University of New York (CUNY). ELI wants to share all the information related to its students and teachers, academic activities, ELI field trips, events, partnerships, fairs, and more.


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ELI News

Record of students this summer at ELI!

This summer, the English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Staten Island (CSI) had a record of students, with approximately more than 90% of students compared to 2018. ELI welcomed regular students who came for a 6-week summer program and groups who came for a short time. The fun part was that these groups joined the existing classes and had an opportunity to meet and practice their English.

ELI is always proud to mention the countries where these students come from. The mix of nationalities make our ELI program even more interesting since students feel more motivated to practice English with students from other languages. We always see that they even learn their classmates' native language as well. This summer, ELI had students from Albania, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Peru, and South Korea, which means that they also had a chance to learn some Albanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean!









Students had a chance to do more field trips this summer such as an institutional visit to the LinkedIn headquarters at the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Grand Central Terminal, and more. Our ELI teachers David Bridston, Drew Bostinto, and Anne Spollen, were able to organize academic field trips to museums in Manhattan and even going all the way to Queens.

ELI students with their diplomas







Students at the United Natios









Peruvian students with their diplomas









ELI reached a record of students compared to 2018, with around 50 students, thanks to strategic partners who recruit or represent the English Language Institute or the College of Staten Island. We would like to extend our gratitude to partners such as Hannan University (Osaka, Japan), InterStudy (Brazil), Parlana Tours (Peru), Gamha Uhak (South Korea), NCN (Japan), and more. We are sure we will have more students from these countries again next year and we look forward to adding more fun to our program!

ELI at LinkedIn - New York Headquarters

ELI students visited the headquarters of LinkedIn during the usual academic field trips ELI organizes for its students. LinkedIn is the largest professional social media giving employment-oriented services with more than 630 million members in 200 countries.

The English Language Institute at the College of Staten Island organized an unforgettable academic field trip to the largest professional social media, LinkedIn, located at the Empire State Building in Manhattan. ELI students had an interesting meeting with LinkedIn representative Allie Schwartz, Client Solutions Manager, Manager Solutions, at LinkedIn headquarters in New York City.

ELI in LinkedIn






Schwartz talked to ELI students about the marketing strategies and digital solutions LinkedIn uses to attract new members and how LinkedIn helps young professionals to develop their careers and look for better job opportunities.

ELI students attended this academic field trip with their teacher, Mr. Drew Bostinto, who encouraged his students to ask questions previously prepared in class, making students practice their English in a real setting. Students asked questions about how large LinkedIn was, how useful LinkedIn was to find a job, how they could create an attractive professional LinkedIn profile, among other questions.

Students who enjoyed this amazing experience learned how important a good résumé is once they apply to a university and look for a job. ELI students who participated in this field trip were from Albania, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Korea, Japan, and Peru.

ELI Students in LinkedIn




ELI students always have academic field trips that help students learn English in a different environment outside the classroom in order to see the language in context and in a fun way. Students value these kind of activities since it helps some overcome their fear to talk or the shyness to ask to people who are not their teacher or classmate.

Once again, we congratulate our students who participated in this field trip during the summer 2019 and we look forward to seeing more students take advantage of these field trips to amazing places in New York City while learning the language at the English Language Institute at the College of Staten Island.


ELI welcomed students from 13 different nationalities

Staten Island, New York City
January 2019

The Spring term at the English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Staten Island/CUNY started with a large group. Thirteen nationalities represented the ELI orientation last January 25 when ELI classes started. Staff from the Center for Global Engagement (the international office of the College of Staten Island) and the English Language Instittute welcomed all the students at the largest CUNY campus.

The first exercise in class was standing up and asking their classmates what their hobbies were and where they were from. ELI teachers, David Bridston and Alina Laboy, started their session with an ice-break exercise in order to meet each other. It was exciting to see students from complete different regions or cultures talk to each other. A student from Colombia talking to his new friend from Jordan and a student from Ukraine with a new classmate from Peru made the classes fun and interesting since they spoke about their favorite typical dishes or the city where they were born.
ELI students in a classroom
English classes started January 25, 2019 with a placement test and orientation session, explaining which facilities they could use at the largest CUNY campus, which has 204 acres, with a large collection of books at its library and large green areas with sports facilities around. Students also have free loop and shuttle ferry buses at their service if they want to go to another building or go to Manhattan with the free Staten Island Ferry ride. 

ELI teachers
ELI has one big secret for its success: ELI teachers. Students just love them. David Bridston, Alina Laboy, and Keerti Arora, are experienced and certified teachers who love teaching, and especially, taking care of their students' success. Classes are intensive with 18 hours per week, but they make sure students have fun, smile, play and learn, and have a great experience with field trips and extra activities that let them learn English in a fun setting. 

Many ELI students want to apply to the College of Staten Island, apply to its more than 80 majors, or other CUNY schools, while other students come for one semester to improve their English skills (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) and return to their home countries to continue with their studies. They meet with other students who are Staten Island or New York residents looking for job opportunities. Overall, the goals are diverse and our teachers make everybody learn in a useful and fun way.
ELI classroom with ELI teacher and students
Great diversity
This group started with more than twenty students. The diversity that will take place at ELI classes will be exciting since this Spring term ELI welcomed students from Albania, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Gabon, Japan, Jordan, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine

The English Language Institute belongs to the Center for Global Engagement, which is the international office at the College of Staten Island (CSI)/The City University of New York (CUNY), and it has expanded the number of students with its Intensive English Program where students spend between 18 and 22 hours per week learning English. However, learning English at CSI adds the campus experience since they have access to university life with conferences, lectures, sports activities, student clubs, and more.

New students can still join this group since ELI welcomes students every week. Classes will be available until May 22, and we are sure you will be able to learn or improve your English in a quiet area like Staten Island but still close to Manhattan.

English Language Institute
College of Staten Island/CUNY

Spring 2020: English classes started at CSI

The English Language Institute started the Spring semester with students from all over the world. They will study at the College of Staten Island for one semester with classmates from 16 different countries.
Staten Island, New York

The English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Staten Island (CSI)/The City University of New York (CUNY) started its Spring semester term last January 21, 2020. The international office of CSI, the Center for Global Engagement, welcomed students from all over the world with an orientation session and an English placement test. These students will learn English until mid-May and many of them will return to their home countries, apply to CSI, or apply for a better job.

The ELI director, Gonzalo Villena, held a welcome and orientation session where he explained all the academic features of the program and the benefits they could get while learning English at the largest CUNY campus. “Our students will have the best experience of their lives, learning English with a university environment and living in New York City”, ELI director highlighted.

Spring 2020 students










This Spring, ELI received students from 17 different countries, which makes classes more fun since students will force themselves to speak in English and learn from everybody’s culture. Students are from Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine. They will have an intensive English program with 18 hours of class per week, with different courses such as reading, writing, grammar, conversation, and a TOEFL test preparation. At the end of the semester, they will take the TOEFL ITP test, which is valid to apply to any CUNY school degree.

ELI congratulates all these students for coming from far away to have the best time in New York City and extends the best wishes during this semester at the College of Staten Island.

Spring 2020 students listening to the orientation session

ELI in Vietnam

Staten Island, New York City
February 2019

The English Language Institute (ELI) and the Center for Global Engagement of the College of Staten Island attended the graduation of hundreds of English as a Second Language (ESL) students at the largest English institution in Vietnam, the Vietnam-USA Society English Centers (VUS) last February.


The College of Staten Island has an important partnership with VUS and is always invited to award certificates to those who take official English exams such as IELTS tests at VUS. Dr. Stephen Ferst, Executive Director of the Center for Global Engagement, and Gonzalo Villena, Director of the English Language Institute, attended this important event, and handed certificates to hundreds of students in Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of Vietnam. The ceremony was held with VUS authorities who were proud of having more than 50,000 ESL students in their branches all over Vietnam.


VUS event with CSI authorities and VUS students

Executive Director giving a speech during VUS graduation event


Dr. Ferst highlighted this partnership with a speech in front of VUS authorities, parents, and students saying that 'the College of Staten Island has been investing in building partnerships with Vietnamese institutions for many years and we are so grateful for the partnership with VUS, which has flourished from the very beginning of our "CUNY Vietnam Project" over twenty years ago.' The graduation ceremony awarded more than 800 students who received IELTS, PET, and KET certificates and graduating from VUS.


VUS children dancing during VUS graduation event

Executive Director at the podium giving a speech during VUS graduation event

'The success of the project represents our friendship with each other, our interest in working collaboratively and a commitment to future possibilities.  We truly hope that these relationships form a bond that will last a lifetime between our two countries and between CSI, CUNY and VUS. Thank you again, for making this visit possible so that we can continue our collaborations into 2019 and beyond,' Dr. Ferst added during the ceremony.


ELI hopes to welcome Vietnamese students who would like to improve their English skills in New York and especially from VUS. Regardless to say that ELI is thankful for the kind invitation and looks forward to collaborating with VUS with future projects.


ELI Director giving diplomas and medals to VUS students during their graduation

VUS and CSI authorities at the end of the graduation

ELI in South Korea

ELI in South Korea

Staten Island, New York City
February 2019
The English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Staten Island/CUNY visited several future partners in Seoul, South Korea last February 2019. ELI Director, Mr. Gonzalo Villena, visited Soongsil University and Ewha Womans University and discussed the possibility of having these Korean students at ELI.

ELI Director with Korean university partner in Seoul standing

ELI Director with Korean representative at an office standing

ELI began its Asian tour in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Seoul, South Korea in order to promote its Intensive English Program and customized programs. ELI met with heads of international departments in Korean universities as well as educational organizations. ELI always welcomes Korean students in its classrooms and looks forward to welcoming more Koreans!

ELI teacher with Korean student during ELI graduation

ELI is proud to have many Asian students in its English classes, especially from Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam. You can watch our latest Youtube student testimonial video in Korean here.

English Language Institute
College of Staten Island/CUNY

ELI in Brazil

ELI attended the largest educational fair in Latin America

Staten Island, New York City
February 2019
The English Language Institute (ELI) attended the largest student recruitment fair in Latin America, in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil last February 2019. With more than 14,000 students registered for the fair, ELI attended with a stand promoting its Intensive English Program offered in Staten Island in New York City.

ELI booth at the BMI Brazilian student recruitment fair

BMI is one of the largest educational fair organizations and they offer big events for universities and institutions. BMI organizes fairs in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Sao Paulo is probably the largest in the world and definitely the largest in Latin America. ELI was invited to promote its English programs. It was a great success since hundreds of Brazilian students came to the ELI stand and asked about learning English in New York and studying undergraduate and graduate programs at the College of Staten Island.


ELI booth at the BMI Brazilian student recruitment fair

ELI was represented by its director, Mr. Gonzalo Villena, who not only promoted ELI but also CSI and the CUNY system. The College of Staten Island was the only CUNY school that attended this important fair and many Brazilian students and parents were impressed by the largest CUNY campus located in a streategic location in New York City and the English program offered.

The United States was the country of honor and the US General Consulate in Sao Paulo opened the event that lasted two days in Febryary 16 and 17, 2019.
ELI has received many Brazilian students along the years and it is willing to welcome more Brazilians soon. Some Brazilian students have already registered to come during the summer of 2019 and will study at ELI for two weeks, live on campus at the Dolphin Cove student residence, and have many field trips in Staten Island and Manhattan.
ELI had a great help with its representative partner, Inter Study, that officially represents ELI in Brazil and recruits students to attend classes at ELI. 

ELI booth at the BMI Brazilian student recruitment fair


ELI thanks BMI and Inter Study for helping the College of Staten Island attend the largest educational fair in Latin America and looks forward to welcoming more Brazilian students in New York City at the English Language Institute!
English Language Institute
College of Staten Island

ELI in Central America

ELI in Central America

Staten Island, New York City
January 2019
The English Language Institute (ELI) attended the largest student recruitment fair in Central America, in the cities of Tegucigalpa, Honduras and in San Salvador, El Salvador last January 2019. ELI attended with a booth promoting its Intensive English Program offered in Staten Island in New York City.

ELI booth at a student recruitment fair in Central America

ELI participated thanks to its partner, Estudios Internacionales,  which is the largest educational agent in Central America. Hundreds of students of this region study abroad thanks to the academic advising Estudios Internacionales provides. This agent works with students in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

These students may have the chance to learn English at ELI at the College of Staten Island (CSI) and have a great assessment to apply with an F-1 student visa to our school. 


ELI booth at a student recruitment fair in Central America

ELI talked with hundreds of students explaining our semester and summer terms at the largest CUNY campus. Students were interested in short-term programs before starting a bachelor or master's degree in the USA. The College of Staten Island offers international students the option to apply to CSI after passing the TOEFL test at ELI.

ELI encourages students from Central America to contact our representative in these countries and apply to our English program with them. See you soon in New York City!

English Language Institute
College of Staten Island/CUNY

ELI online program

ELI will have more than 3,000 students online

Staten Island, New York City
August 2018
The English Language Institute (ELI) signed an agreement with its new partner, Euroidiomas, from Peru. Euroidiomas is one of the largest English language centers in Peru with around 50,000 students. The program that both institutions will develop includes online sessions with ELI teachers and more than 3,000 Peruvian students. The Executive Director of the Center for Global Engagement at CSI, Dr. Stephen Ferst, and the ELI Director, Gonzalo Villena, attended the press conference event at the main Euroidiomas building in Lima, Peru last August, 2018. 

CSI Executive Director shaking hands with Peruvian authorities during ELI agreement

ELI teacher giving his online class to Peruvian students

Leonardo Mercado, Academic Director of Euroidiomas, anounced this partnership as a "strategic alliance called Cultural Bridge, a connection between New York and Lima for our students". ELI teachers will speak with Euroidiomas students using Blackboard Collaborate and will relate all the topics discussed in class with the New York and US background. Online sessions will help students not only with their pronunciation and speaking skills but also have a good idea of New York City and the cultural side of the USA. ELI teachers will also learn a lot from Peruvian culture when speaking with their students. The program has already had a pilot and some sessions performed where ELI teachers prepared their classes and spoke with Peruvian students live.
This strategic partnership also offers the chance to apply for a scholarship to travel to New York, study at ELI for one week, and enjoy the largest CUNY campus, after they finish their studies at Euroidiomas.
With this partnership, ELI is proud to have more than 3,000 online and encourages Peruvian students to register at Euroidiomas and enjoy the scholarship coming to the College of Staten Island when they finish.
English Language Institute
College of Staten Island/CUNY

ELI in Japan - 2019

ELI in Japan

The director of the English Language Institute (ELI), Gonzalo Villena, visited some partners in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, last July and August, in order to strengthen the partnership with more institutions interested in sending their students to New York City to learn English and study a major at the College of Staten Island (CSI).

One of the first activities was talking to more than 50 Japanese students that are looking to study a bachelor's degree in the United States and need to brush up their learning skills in English first. Mr. Villena spoke about the 'adventure' of studying abroad and not feeling afraid of living alone abroad. Some of these students have already applied to CSI and will improve their English at ELI next year.

ELI with Japanese students







ELI also visited Osaka, in the south of Japan, to one of its most important partner universities, Hannan University. ELI and Hannan University have worked together helping Japanese students improve their English level. Many Hannan students have already studied at CSI and they are already working in Japan using the English they learned at ELI. Currently, ELI has three Hannan students who have come for two semesters or a complete year at CSI. The meeting ELI had with the international office at Hannan also included the international students who were interested in ELI and they will probably travel to New York City soon.

ELI also had the honor to visit one of the most important universities in Japan, Chuo University, in the eastern part of Tokyo. This modern and very international university in Japan receives around 1,000 international students every year and it is in highest positions in the Japanese university rankings. Chuo's international team is working on sending a big group of students to ELI soon. We are very proud of working with such a prestigious institution! 

Thanks to all the Japanese institutions that welcomed ELI and we hope to see you soon in New York City!

ELI at Chuo University