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Academic Compliance

Understanding the probation policy

Students are placed on academic probation when they fail to meet the academic standards policy outlined in the college catalog.   Academic standing is reviewed at the end of each semester, and the college dismisses students on probation at the end of every spring semester. 

To maintain probation status and avoid dismissal from the college, students on probation must meet one of the two goals: 

  • Students must earn a 2.5 semester GPA in both the Fall and Spring semesters OR
  • Must earn a 2.75 semester GPA in either the Fall or Spring semester.

Students on academic probation who meet the college’s academic standards at the end of the probation semester will be removed from academic probation.

Students dismissed from the college are unable to petition for readmission for at least one semester.

All credits taken are factored into the cumulative GPA calculation.   A GPA calculator can be found on The CUNY Technology Services page.

Students on academic probation can take a maximum of 14 credits each semester until they return to good academic standing. 

CUNY Repeat Policy

CUNY has a course repeat policy that permits students to retake up to 16 credits of coursework in which the original grade was an F or its equivalent. If the grade on the second attempt is a C or better, the GPA will be calculated using only the second grade.