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Know Your Campus

Water Bottle Filling Station

  • CSI installed gutters and leaders on the 3 administration buildings. The project included the collection of the runoff from rain and snow into underground tanks that will control the flow of water into the sewer system. Eventually, the retention tanks collecting the runoff will be connected to our irrigation system and be used for maintaining the campus green spaces.
  • We have five water bottle refilling stations: in 1C near the vending machines, in 1L right before the food area, and in 1R as soon as you walk in the front main doors on the left. And 2 in the newly opened 2M building! We are planning to add 3 more. One in 1R (that will be funded by our bottle drive), one in 1L, and one in 1P.

Did You Know?

Get Involved

On Your Campus

  • Bring a reusable water bottle to school
  • Refill your bottle at the water stations instead of buying water

In the Office

  • Discuss water efficiency at team meetings and provide regular reports on water use figures.
  • Serve a pitcher of water rather than water bottles at meetings

Where You Live

  • Limit showers to 4 minutes or less.
  • Replace single-flush toilets with dual-flush toilets.
  • Install water-efficient dishwashers to use 50% less water than average models.