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Chemistry Department Overview

The Department of Chemistry offers undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry. Both degrees are accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Our undergraduate program is innovative, directed to the career needs of our students, and provides opportunities for extracurricular and research activities. Our course offerings are intended to promote scientific reasoning, to develop lab skills and prepare students for graduate and professional schools as well as employment in industry.

The Department combines outstanding physical facilities with a close-knit community of scholars. Our faculty members include professors who are nationally and internationally recognized in their fields. The department faculty members participate in PhD programs (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Physics and Molecular Biophysics) at CUNY.

The CSI Chemistry and Biochemistry degrees are accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

CSI Offers the Doctor of Optometry Degree (OD) via Affiliate Partnership with SUNY College of Optometry

The College of Staten Island is listed with the above professional graduate school as offering an affiliation program whereby highly qualified students may complete a joint Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree conferred by College of Staten Island and a Doctor Optometry (OD) degree conferred by SUNY College of Optometry in just seven years instead of the usual eight. Selected academically talented high school seniors and college freshmen can be admitted to an approved joint degree track at CSI and, simultaneously, to candidacy for admission to the professional OD program at SUNY College of Optometry.

Early Research Opportunities

2022 Summer Research Series: Gateway to Science: Experiments and Computations in Chemistry

2022 Summer Research Series: Gateway to Science: Experiments and Computations in Chemistry


  • Use modern experimental techniques to probe structure and chemical activity of biological molecules
  • Learn how computer simulations can be used to understand biochemical systems at a molecular level
  • Work in an experimental lab and experience the life of an experimental scientist
  • Work in a computational lab and experience the life of a computational scientist


Workshop Benefits:

  • Learning the fundamental aspects of scientific research in chemistry and biochemistry
  • Working side-by-side with graduate students and professors at the College of Staten Island



  • Open to undergraduate students at CSI and high-school students interested in scientific research
  • Meet minimum academic standards (85.0 Grade Point Average, un-weighted; high grades in Math and Science courses). No Advanced Placement (AP) in Biology and/or Chemistry course necessary


To Apply: Complete the short application online—access the link or copy and paste the URL:


Application Deadline: July 7


Size of Workshop: 15 seats available in the program and applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Accepted participants are expected to promptly reply and accept our offer


When: 07/11/2022 – 07/22/2022 (two weeks), 4 days a week

(Monday – Thursday) from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Location: College of Staten Island, Biological and Chemical Sciences Building (6S)


National Science Foundation Logo

Cost: Free of Charge —The workshop is sponsored by the National Science Foundation


Recognition: Participants completing the workshop will receive a frameable Certificate of Completion validating their accomplishment/achievement


Questions? Please call Holly Block, Assistant Director for Recruitment: or 347-443-8699



  • Rupal Gupta, Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Chemistry; PhD Programs in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics, CUNY Graduate Center.
  • Angelo Bongiorno, Ph.D.; Professor of Chemistry; PhD Programs in Chemistry and Physics, CUNY Graduate Center.

Chemistry News
  • Abbasov, Anar
  • Balambika, Rema
  • Dang, Soa
  • Derbyshire, Dawn 
  • Feng, ChunMin 
  • Li, Qi 
  • Liu, Carol
  • Malz, Abraham
  • Park, Tai
Image of a Cell observed at Imaging Facility by a Biochemistry Student

Advanced Imaging Facility

The AIF is a shared core facility under the Division of Science and Technology at CSI that houses advanced imaging systems

Anti-Microbial Agents As Viewed Under a Microscope by Biochemistry Students

CUNY High Performance Computing Center

The HPCC has a central role in the support of initiatives in economic development and provides assistance with sustaining intellectual growth

XPS Instrument in a Chemistry Lab

Department Instruments

The CSI Chemsitry department has a wide array of research quality instruments available to our students

Biological and Chemical Sciences
Building 6S, Room 235
Willowbrook Campus

Department Contact

Qiao-Sheng Hu

Chairperson and Professor

Email Qiao-Sheng Hu

Dawn Derbyshire

Administrative Assistant to the Chairperson

Email Dawn Derbyshire