Application Packet for Potential AAS Students

Application Packet for Potential AAS Students applying for Spring 2022 Semester will be accepted online through filing period: November 1, 2021 to December 14, 2021.

The Information and links below are for enrolled CSI students who have completed or are completing the pre-clinical nursing sequence in Fall 2022, and wish to apply for entry to the clinical nursing courses.

Students who do not submit the necessary pre-admission exam scores and/or the required physical forms to the health center by the required date will not be considered for acceptance into the nursing program.

All selections on this page pertain to AAS requirements. Be sure to print and review all of them in preparing to apply. These requirements may be changed by the department or college at any time. Stay informed of changes or updates by reading all bulletins, postings and announcements at the college and on the website. Materials on this page can be downloaded and printed with most common word processing programs.

It is essential that you read all documents before submitting application. All listed forms must be completed as directed.