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Fingerprint Information

Fingerprint Information

All Students doing fieldwork observations for more than five days in a NYC public school must be fingerprinted and have background check clearance.  You must schedule a visit to the NYCDOE HR Connect Walk-In Center, 65 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Prior to being fingerprinted, you must follow the following steps:

  • Register with PETS (Personnel Eligibility Tracking System). You can register by sending an email to: and request that you be added to the CSI roster as a fieldwork observer.  In your email, provide them with:
    • Your Name
    • College Name
    • Social Security #
    • Date of Birth
    • Phone #
    • Address
    • Email Address
    • Optional: the school you will be observing/student teaching in 
  • Once your information is entered into PETS, you will receive a confirmation email and be directed to log into the DOE’s Applicant Gateway.  This could take 1-3 days.  This email will contain additional forms that need to be filled out, and a Fingerprint Referral Form.  
  • Go to Court Street with the following: Fingerprint Referral form, student ID. The cost of fingerprinting is $130 payable to NYCDOE by personal check, money order, credit and debit card (except American Express). 

Note: You must complete all of the Applicant Gateway forms and fingerprinting within the 10 business days of the PETS registration, otherwise your account will be deactivated and your nomination will be withdrawn.

The HR Connect Walk-in Center is located at 65 Court Street in Brooklyn, NY 11201 and is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm.  

PETS registration can sometimes take a few days to complete so give yourself a few days prior to planning your trip to Court Street.    

*Once you have been fingerprinted, please bring the receipt as proof to Joanne German in 3S – room 209.