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Multifaith center


  • Location:  1C 212A      
  • Phone:  1.718.982.3006

The Multifaith Center provides educational, social, and spiritual events for the CSI Community, including some CLUE certified events. The current staff of faith leaders represent Jewish, Roman Catholic traditions, and though other faiths are not represented on the staff, we are willing and able to help students connect to mentors of almost any faith. Each tradition offers its own programming as well as some collaborative events. We strive to serve as a resource for student life, academic, and administrative members of the college and are happy to provide speakers or services for holidays, memorials and other events. Everyone is welcome to attend Multifaith Center sponsored events and our door is open to all, regardless of religious affiliation or belief. Our work is focused above all on fostering understanding, friendship and faith in an effort to build and support common values of humanity on our campus.