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We welcome you to the website for the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research. Our office is here to assist and support you as you endeavor to obtain funding for your research and programs. In that regard, please feel welcome to call my office to discuss any issues or challenges you are facing and I will work to resolve these issues with you.

Pre-Submission Proposal Peer-Review Program
Exciting News! RF CUNY has begun a pilot program for peer review of NSF and NSF grants.   This enables those who have written such a grant to now get peer-to-peer feedback.  We had always had some skeleton procedures for doing this in house but now it’s formal and available and that’s great news.  See Pre-Submission Proposal Peer-Review Program for more information.

Charging Administration and Clerical Salaries to Federal Grants and Contracts
Please be sure to familiarize yourselves with the limitations on asking for administrative and clerical salaries in federal grants. For a detailed look at the policy, please see Reference document from the RF.

Collaborative Funding Mechanisms
Did you know that NORDP compiled and maintains the most comprehensive listing of funding opportunities to support collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and team-based research anywhere?!?! A recently updated list can be found on NORDPs web site.

Despite its name, this comprehensive searchable database serves fund-seeking faculty from both the Sciences and the Humanities. Please log on to the Pivot database and set up a user account and begin searching. We are happy to assist you with this, and in setting up a funding search that will provide you with regular updates on what is available for your projects.

Responsible Conduct of Researchers
This has never been a more critical issue both locally and nationally, as NSF, NIH and others following suit have required complete transparency and accountability in externally-funded programs. CUNY and CSI have many tools available for you to help insure that research is conducted with integrity and professionalism. The first stopping point should be the training modules located through the CUNY Research Compliance website for your particular area of expertise. Please note that not only PI’s must complete these training modules, but also students, Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Docs who are involved in research through a faculty member. Please stay tuned for early fall training and outreach in this regard.

Post-Doctoral Development
CUNY has set up a Postdoctoral Development website for capacity-building of post-docs.