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Research Compliance and Integrity

The City of New York University (and the College of Staten Island) is committed to ensuring compliance with federal, state and local regulations with regard to all aspects pertaining to the responsible conduct of research.  To that end, the CUNY website details the specific requirements of ALL faculty, staff and students involved in research within the University system.  The information can be found on the CUNY Research Compliance webpage.

Integrity in Research is the responsibility of every PI and the institution.   It is incumbent upon researchers, including students, to make themselves informed as to the methods of best practices in research, and to avoid situations that may lead to allegations of falsification, fabrication and plagiarism, to avoid conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment, and to follow all regulations for the use of human subjects and animals in their research.

All researchers must complete the online CITI training in their particular field of study.

Requirements now include mandatory training and workshop participation.

Attached is the CSI Responsible Conduct of Research Policy.