Course Schedule

Course 1

NRS 700 – Transcultural Concepts and Issues in Health Care (3 credits)
Brief Description: General philosophy, ethics, concepts, skills, theory, research, & practices underlying transcultural care.
Course offered Fall (starting Fall 2021)

Course 2

NRS 703 – Teaching and Learning for Cultural Competence Development (3 credits)
Brief Description: Multidimensional process, strategies, and techniques for teaching and learning cultural competence, directed toward culturally diverse learners in various settings.
Pre-requisites: NRS 700 or equivalent graduate level course by permission of instructor
Course offered Fall-Winter (starting Fall 2021)

Course 3

NRS 704 – Cultural Competence in Health Care: Project Development (3 credits)
Brief Description: This course will assist learners to develop a “cultural competence” project. Project can be directed towards clients, communities, agencies, health care organizations, personnel, or professional education.
Pre-requisites: NRS 703
Course offered Winter-Spring (starting Winter 2022)