Course Schedule*

Course 1

NRS 700 – Transcultural Concepts and Issues in Health Care (3 credits)
Brief Description: General philosophy, ethics, concepts, skills, theory, research, & practices underlying transcultural care.
Course offered Fall (10 online sessions)
Course begins August 25, 2021 and ends November 10, 2021.

Course 2

NRS 703 – Teaching and Learning for Cultural Competence Development (3 credits)
Brief Description: Multidimensional process, strategies, and techniques for teaching and learning cultural competence, directed toward culturally diverse learners in various settings.
Pre-requisites: NRS 700 or equivalent graduate level course by permission of instructor
Course offered Fall-Winter (10 online sessions)
Course begins November 17, 2021 and ends February 9, 2022

Course 3

NRS 704 – Cultural Competence in Health Care: Project Development (3 credits)
Brief Description: This course will assist learners to develop a “cultural competence” project. Project can be directed towards clients, communities, agencies, health care organizations, personnel, or professional education.
Pre-requisites: NRS 703
Course offered Winter-Spring (10 online sessions)
Course begins February 17, 2022 and ends May 11, 2022
Optional networking opportunity on-campus at end of NRS 704 course (tentative).

*[Dates approximate. Final Spring 2022 CUNY calendar is expected by mid-October 2021.]

The Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence

Students already enrolled in a graduate nursing program at the College of Staten Island, who successfully complete the necessary Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence courses as electives (NRS 703 and NRS 704) for their program will receive the advanced certificate. This will not reduce the number of credits needed for their degree program. They do not need to submit an application for the Advanced Certificate Program in Cultural Competence; however, early registration for NRS 703 and 704 is encouraged.