Artist using a hand-drill to pierce through paper

Aragón, Miguel A. Associate Professor

Miguel A. Aragón was born and raised in Ciudad Juárez, México; prior to his appointment at the College of Staten Island, Professor Aragón taught Printmaking, Foundations and Design courses at the Universidad Autónoma de Cd. Juárez in México for several years and in 2011 he was a Visiting Professor at

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John (Jay) Arena

Arena, John (Jay) Assistant Professor

John (Jay) Arena earned his Ph.D. in Sociology, and Latin American Studies, from Tulane University, in New Orleans and joined the College of Staten Island’s Department of Sociology & Anthropology in the Fall of 2008.  Previous to and during graduate school I participated in various community and labor organizing efforts

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Comfort Asanbe

Asanbe, Comfort Associate Professor

Comfort B. Asanbe, Ph.D., is an associate professor of Psychology at The College of Staten Island/City University of New York (CSI/CUNY).  Her research focuses on identifying the factors that pose a threat to the psychological health of children, especially, those that are due to parental drug use (cocaine/polydrug exposure), drug

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Photo of Dan Auerbach

Auerbach, Dan Assistant Professor

A strong proponent of new music, Dan Auerbach has performed and toured extensively with such ensembles as Continuum, the New Juilliard Ensemble, and members of the American Composers Orchestra. He has collaborated with leading composers, including Fred Lerdahl, Sebastian Currier, Bright Sheng, and La Monte Young. A long-time specialist in

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Bryan Averbuch

Averbuch, Bryan Assistant Professor

Bryan Averbuch researches and teaches Islamic and Indian Ocean history, maritime history, and cross-cultural trade, focusing on the intertwined histories of the spice trade and the silk roads. His current book project explores ways in which the Indian Ocean spice trade transformed the culture and expanded the geographical horizons of

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Álvaro Baquero-Pecino

Baquero-Pecino, Álvaro Assistant Professor

Professor Baquero-Pecino obtained a double degree in Hispanic Philology, and Literary Theory and Comparative Literature from the University of Granada (Spain). He also earned a M.A. in Spanish from New Mexico State University, and received his Ph.D. in Literature and Cultural Studies from Georgetown University. His main research interests include Read more..
Alyson Bardsley

Bardsley, Alyson Associate Professor

Professor Bardsley’s research interests include literature’s intersections with cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and Romanticism; Scottish literature; feminism, and feminist pedagogy. She primarily teaches courses in British literature, women writers, and writing, with occasional forays into feminist theory and popular culture. Read more..
Michael Batson

Batson, Michael Lecturer

Professor Batson has been teaching in the History Department and the CORE 100 Program at the College of Staten Island since August 2000. He has also taught in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program and in the Macaulay Honors College at the college.

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William R. Bauer

Bauer, William R. Assistant Professor

William R. Bauer studies the ways people use music to organize their actions, coordinate their interactions with others, express meaning, communicate ideas and feelings, and arrive at a deeper understanding of one another. A composer-improviser by training and temperament, Dr. Bauer brings a background in theater and dance to his

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Maria Rice Bellamy

Bellamy, Maria Rice Associate Professor

Professor Bellamy’s passions are to challenge her students to engage ideas and perspectives different from their own and to facilitate their development of the critical thinking and oral and written communication skills necessary for success in all areas of life. Her student-oriented teaching style features interactive class discussions, collaborative learning

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