The Faculty Advisory Committee was formed to provide support and advice on activities, programs and policies in international education involving the Center for Global Engagement. The Committee meets throughout the year to review program proposals, generate ideas for forward directions, and report on campus activities. Members of the Committee serve as ambassadors for campus internationalization and as liaisons to the larger faculty body.

Current Membership

Jane Marcus-Delgado (Chair),   Political Science & Global Affairs

Bill Bernhardt, English, Speech & World Literature

Maureen Becker, School of Health Sciences

Katie Cumiskey, Psychology Dept.

Ewa Dzurak,  Library

Erlan Feria, Dept. of Engineering Science & Physics

Roshen Hendrickson, Political Science and Global Affairs

Peter Kabachnik, Political Science and Global Affairs

Andrew Lambert, Philosophy Dept.

Catherine Lavender, History Dept.

David Lindo-Atichati, Dept. of Engineering Science & Physics

Lisa Manne, Biology Dept.

Emmanuel Mbah, History Dept.

Gerry Milligan, World Languages & Literatures

Prabudh Misra, Mathematics Dept.

Lara Saguisag, English Dept. 2

Susan Sullivan, Education Dept.

George Sanchez, PCA - Performing & Creative Arts

Christina Tortora, English Dept.

Dan Zhang, Marketing Dept.

Alan Zimmerman, Marketing Dept.