Get a PassportThe College of Staten Island (CSI) offers a wide range of study abroad and exchange programs for its students. Study abroad programs at CSI enable students to explore the traditions and modern realities of the world from another perspective. Program requirements vary, with no previous language study required for most programs. A range of financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available.

Students from other CUNY colleges or other universities may apply for CSI's programs, some of which are administered through the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS).


CSI Programs

Details and a complete listing of all of our programs can be found at 


Application Deadlines

Study Abroad
Winter and Spring – October 15th
Summer – March 1st or 15th
Fall – April 15th

Exchange Programs
Spring – October 1st
Fall – March 1st

Summer Sessions / Fall Semester - March 1
Winter Intersession / Spring Semester - October 1

Outside Programs

Programs Administered by other CCIS Member Schools

College Consortium for International Studies logoThe College of Staten Island, CUNY is a member of the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) whose mission is to provide a broad spectrum of quality international education opportunities abroad. CSI shares the CCIS vision of commitment to expanding opportunities for students to participate in high quality and affordable international education study abroad programs in diverse locations. The Center for Global Engagement at CSI shares the CCIS core values of excellence, affordability, accountability, participation, service, support, safety, advocacy, transparency and diversity.

For more information on these programs open to CSI students, please visit

Programs Administered by other CUNY Colleges

CUNY LogoCollege of Staten Island students may apply for participation in a range of programs administered by other CUNY campuses. Most of these programs are offered during the January winter session and summer sessions, while some semester programs are also available. CSI students would apply directly to the host CUNY college for admission in the program, but must also complete a “2-page application form” and ultimately additional paperwork for course approval to register via the CUNY e-permit system with the Center for Global Engagement.

For more information on other CUNY programs open to CSI students, please visit

If you are interested in a program that is not run through a CUNY campus or a CCIS member school, please contact the Center for Global Engagement (2A-206) at 718-982-2100 or to discuss with a study abroad advisor.