About Us

The faculty and staff of the College of Staten Island are engaged in many global initiatives through research, teaching, and service.  Many of these projects are taking place overseas or have significant importance to global governance, politics, security, health, human rights, and equality.  Among these projects are:

In addition to specific CSI projects, CSI faculty are engaging in research and scholarship that has consequences that reach well beyond our shores.  From Ying Zhu’s groundbreaking writing on censorship on China’s CCTV to Saadia Toor’s work on understanding issues of culture, nationalism, and gender in Pakistan more attention is being paid to issues that affect our daily lives and those of other nations around the globe.  Below are some of the areas that CSI faculty apply their skills as we seek to engage our students in the issues that matter most for their future.  Clinking on the link will take you to a selected faculty member’s profile.

CSI faculty are engaged with colleagues from around the globe on a daily basis conducting research, collaborating on projects, and working toward common goals.  Below are a set of resources for faculty looking to connect with colleagues and others across the oceans.

  • Model Agreement – Faculty who wish to connect with colleagues are, of course, encouraged to pursue connections as appropriate for their work.  When more formal agreements are needed to assist in the cooperation between institutions the Center for International Service is ready to help.  A first step is stop by or otherwise contact the Center to assist in the process.  You may also want to share our standard agreement with a potential partner in order to guide further discussions.
  • International Scholars – CSI is host to many International Scholars each year.  A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to hosting a scholar is available.  Contact the Center for more information and assistance.

CSI maintains active partnerships with over 40 prestigious colleges, universities, research institutions, and academic centers across the globe.  We strive to create partnerships that allow our faculty, scholars, and students the opportunity to experience new places and cultures and access resources not found here at Staten Island.  Through our partnerships, we bring the world to CSI and CSI to the world. If you are interested in establishing a partnership between CSI and an overseas institution contact the Center.

What is Comprehensive Internationalization at CSI?

While every campus and every institution will define its own measures for achieving comprehensive internationalization, at CSI we are dedicated to bringing an international dimension to the campus through research, teaching, and service to the community that integrates our mission and values.  This means hiring and maintaining a diverse and international faculty base, enrolling students from across the globe, offering overseas study opportunities to CSI students, encouraging the use of transnational literature and teaching texts, diversifying learning styles and outcomes, conducting research at home and abroad that focuses on the global issues of today, and providing service to the local community as well as those in the furthest corners of the world.  CSI’s own Comprehensive Internationalization plan includes several broad goals – most prominent of which are:

  • Offer unique programming for students, faculty, staff, and the local community that serves the diverse needs of the broad spectrum of constituencies interested in international education, ideas, themes, and activities.
  • Expand the international outreach of the College including new opportunities for joint research and scholarship through cooperative partnerships and programming at home and abroad.
  • Infuse the curriculum with global learning so that all students are presented with opportunities that promote global-mindedness, cultural diversity, and international understanding.
  • Position the College of Staten Island as a premier destination for international students and scholars though rigorous academic offerings, innovative programming, and welcoming policies.
  • Encourage the participation in international educational opportunities and intercultural programming woven throughout the curriculum.

Comprehensive Internationalization is more than a commitment from one or two offices – it requires that all parts of the institution are engaged in fulfilling the institution’s international mission.  As it requires cooperation across the campus the Center staff stands ready to assist faculty, administrators, and others in reaching CSI’s internationalization goals.  More resources on internationalizing higher education can be found here and at other sources on the Web.