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HyFlex Learning

HyFlex Learning

A HyFlex course gives students the ability to choose to attend class sessions either face-to-face or online (e.g., synchronous, asynchronous). The number of modalities available to students will vary from course to course. Students can move among available modalities from class session to session at their discretion. 

In an effort to provide students with more options to access a high-quality education, a number of CUNY colleges and schools have partnered to pilot HyFlex courses during academic year 2021/2022.  Courses participating in the CUNY hyflex pilot will be annotated in the notes section in CUNYFirst. Contact your instructor for more details about this HyFlex course, including the available modalities. 

For CSI, only courses scheduled in 1L220A have the technology required by CUNY.

Instructors participated in a Summer Seminar required of all faculty participants in the CUNY Hyflex Pilot for 2021-22. The College’s participation in the HyFlex pilot will be driven by pedagogy and guided by CUNY’s commitment to academic freedom and excellence. The college agrees to develop a pedagogically driven plan and to adopt the minimum technological standards provided as guidance by OAA and CIS, which were determined through a broad process of consultation with the University community.

The following minimum technology standard was followed: instructor PTZ camera with programmed presets, student camera for on-premis students, displays so on-premises students can see the remote students, displays in the rear of the class so the instructor can see the remote students, microphone technology for both the instructor feed and classroom feed that allows remote students to hear and participate in classroom discussion, sound capacity to allow the instructor and in-class students to hear the remote students.

To utilize the technology, view these instructions.  


CSI has outfitted Smart Classrooms with technology in order to support remote students who are unable to attend a course that meets in person on campus. This technology includes a document camera, a webcam capturing content written on a whiteboard/blackboard, a conference microphone, and dual monitors. This technology is integrated with Zoom to allow students to participate in class, as if they were in person. 

The following is a list of CSI's Enhanced Hybrid Smart Classrooms:

Subject to Change:

  • 1L220A
  • 1S103
  • 1S102
  • 1S105
  • 1S107
  • 1S110
  • 1S111
  • 1S112
  • 1S114
  • 1S115
  • 1S116
  • 1S217
  • 1S218
  • 1S219
  • 2N102
  • 2N103
  • 2N104
  • 2N107
  • 2N108
  • 2N110
  • 2N111
  • 2N112
  • 2N114
  • 2N115
  • 2N116
  • 2N219
  • 2S118
  • 2S215
  • 2S219
  • 2S221
  • 3N102
  • 3N103
  • 3N104
  • 3N106
  • 3N112
  • 3N215
  • 3N216
  • 3N221
  • 3N222
  • 3S101
  • 3S102
  • 3S103
  • 3S104
  • 3S108


  • 3S111
  • 3S112
  • 3S113
  • 3S116
  • 3S117
  • 3S119
  • 4N212
  • 4N217
  • 4N218
  • 4S215
  • 4S216
  • 4S217
  • 4S222
  • 5N102
  • 5N103
  • 5N104
  • 5N108
  • 5N216
  • 5S115
  • 5S117
  • 5S118
  • 5S122
  • 5S123
  • 6S138

Saint George Location:

  • SG103
  • SG105
  • SG108