In order to accommodate students whose schedules require a study space to participate in an online/hybrid course, the locations below are available. 

While some of our Open computer labs will be available​ for in-person access, they will not be designated as study spaces.


Some computers in 1L-212A are outfitted with webcams in order to access remote classes.

Study following rooms will be available:  1L-218A, 1L-218B, and 1L-218C. Reservations are required. Visit  this link for reservations.   

  • 1P-217 West Lounge Facing Great Lawn            
  • 3N-112                 
  • 4N-212                 
  • 2S-220                  
  • 3S-107                  
  • 1L-218 A, B, C

Outdoor Wireless Locations

  • Building 1C
  • Building 1P
  • Building 1R
  • Building 2A - Facing Great Lawn
  • Building 3A
  • Building 3S
  • Building 6N - Observatory
  • Building 6S
  • Pump House
  • Tennis Bubble
  • Baseball Field
  • Softball Field
  • Soccer Field
  • 1A Parking Lot
  • 1N Parking Lot
  • Parking Lot 3