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eduroam is coming to CSI…

eduroam allows all City University of New York students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of free and secure wireless service when visiting an eduroam (education roaming) member university and allows visitors from member universities access when visiting the College of Staten Island.

The eduroam network is available at participating institutions in over 67 territories throughout the world. A full list of participating institutions in the US can be found on the eduroam-US web page. A list of worldwide participants can be found here. To use eduroam, you will need a WiFi (802.11b/g/n/ac) enabled device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

What is eduroam?
Any user (faculty/staff/student) that is part of the eduroam network will be able to login to our wireless network with their home institution’s credentials. This means a “visitor” from another higher educational institution (e.g. CUNY, NYU, Rutgers) can login to CSI’s wireless network as long as their home institution participates in eduroam.

Does this apply to guests who are not part of eduroam visiting the College (e.g. vendors)?
No, these individuals would still need to use guest access when logging into our network.

What will users have access to when logging into eduroam?
eduroam is to be treated as a guest wireless network separate from our own internal networks. As such all users will have access to the internet and all CSI resources that are available from off campus such as the library proxy services while connected to the network.

  1. Before traveling to other eduroam-participating institutions, CUNY faculty, staff, and students should configure their device using the installer here.
  2. Afterward, select the eduroam wireless network on your device’s wireless connection settings and login using the following credentials:

               Username =
               Password = CUNY Login password


  • Once you have used the installer to configure your device, you should be able to connect to wireless networks named "eduroam" at any participating institution. Before you leave College of Staten Island, please test that you have configured your device correctly by attempting to connect to the eduroam network while on the College of Staten Island campus with your CUNY Login username in the form of "" and your CUNY Login password.
  • If you are having trouble configuring your device for eduroam or connecting to eduroam while traveling to another institution, please contact your local computing Help Desk. Please note the IT personnel at the institution you are visiting will not be able to assist you with authentication issues that may be preventing you from accessing eduroam
  • Visitors from eduroam member institutions can access the eduroam wireless network throughout the College of Staten Island campus. The configuration process for your device will vary and specific instructions on connecting to eduroam would be provided by your home institution.
  • If you are having problems connecting to eduroam on the College of Staten Island campus, please contact the IT staff at your home institution.
  • Visitors from eduroam participating institutions must follow the policies and guidelines of their home institutions.

Once you have installed eduroam on your device, you can connect at College of Staten Island by:

  1. Selecting the eduroam wireless network on your device’s wireless connection settings.
  2. Signing in with your eduroam credentials.