DegreeWorks is a computerized degree audit program and academic advising tool designed to assist you and advisors in reviewing your degree progress. A Web-based program, DegreeWorks re-organizes your transcript chronologically and categorically, easily identifying courses you have completed and what courses you still need in order to fulfill your degree requirements. It is our goal that the new student online advisement resource will help students move toward graduation success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to access Degree Works:  Students: Sign on to the CUNY Portal (  At the top right corner, click on MY PROFILE. In order to see your College of Staten Island Degree Works audit, the College of Staten Island must be your Primary College. If it is not set to the College of Staten Island please click MODIFY and SAVE. If you are still unable to access Degree Works, please submit an inquiry. 
Faculty/Staff:  In order to access Degree Works, faculty and staff must have a Degree Works account. If the Student Advisement Degree Audit page opens with your Faculty emplid and Name, you do not have a Degree Works account. Please contact us for an account.

Exemption/Waiver/Substitution:  If you have an exemption, waiver, or substitution from a school/department/faculty advisor, please make sure that the documentation is filed with the Office of the Registrar. Exemptions, waivers, and substitutions will not be entered into Degree Works unless the information is part of a student record. Please note that when changes are made to student records, this sometimes causes exemptions, waivers, and substitutions to become “unhooked.”  If this has occurred, please submit an inquiry.

Pathways Appeals: CUNY’s general education curriculum, Pathways, was implemented in Fall 2013. Students may wish to appeal decisions related to Pathways. For more information on how to appeal a course related to Pathways, please view our appeals page for more information. If you have submitted an appeal and it is not appearing on the audit, please submit an inquiry.

Transfer Credits: Upon acceptance, a student’s transfer credits will be evaluated. The maximum number of credits that can transfer is 90. The Registrar's Office evaluates course equivalencies wherever possible. Some courses may not be transferable. Other courses may not have CSI equivalents and transfer as blanket credits (BKT) within a discipline (e.g., BIO, CHM). For more information on the transfer process, please visit the Registrar’s Website at If a transfer course does not appear in your audit, please submit an inquiry.

Major, Minors, or Concentrations: To declare or change majors, minors, or concentrations, you may complete the form ( or you may obtain the form and file in person at Enrollment Services Center in Building 2A, Room 110. Please note that Degree Works does not process a change of major, minor, or concentration. If you have submitted a form and the change is still not appearing in your Degree Works audit, please contact the Registrar’s Office at    
NOTE: Changes made to a CUNYfirst student record may take from 24 to 48 hours to appear in Degree Works.