Accessing DegreeWorks

Students may access DegreeWorks by selecting the “DegreeWorks and FACTS” tile in your CUNYfirst Student Center. You may also access DegreeWorks by signing into or using your CUNY log in credentials. If you need assistance with your CUNY login user name and password, please contact

Faculty and Staff can access DegreeWorks, if they have a DegreeWorks account, by selecting the “DegreeWorks and FACTS” tile in your CUNYfirst Campus Solutions Administrator page. You may also access DegreeWorks by signing into or using your CUNY log in credentials. If you need assistance with your CUNY login user name and password, please contact

To request DegreeWorks and/or FACTS access please complete the CUNY DegreeWorks User Access Request Form. The role of CU_DGW_Advisorx is the recommended role for all Faculty Advisors.

Contact Information

Veronica DiMeglio

DegreeWorks Coordinator

Email Veronica DiMeglio

DegreeWorks is a Web-based evaluation tool designed to assist students and advisors with course planning, curriculum advising, and monitoring academic progress toward degree completion. It is available to all degree-seeking undergraduate students. Advisors, faculty, and selected staff will also have access for the purpose of supporting student progress through their academic careers.

DegreeWorks Worksheet
The worksheet is a review of past, current, and “planned” coursework, laid out in block format displaying degree, major, minor, and concentration requirement information. Unchecked boxes identify requirements that still need to be completed.

DegreeWorks Disclaimer
DegreeWorks is not the official academic transcript nor is it an official notification of completion of degree requirements. It does not supersede the College Catalog and/or academic policies. The transcript, however, is the official College record.

DegreeWorks Updates
Changes made to CUNYfirst will typically take 24-48 hours to be reflected in a DegreeWorks audit. These changes include newly registered courses, course requirement designation changes, grade changes, changes to transfer credits, and changes to majors, concentrations, and minors. Advisors, faculty, and selected staff can also use the ‘Process New” button to refresh the audit with the most up-to-date information available.

“What If” Feature
The “What If” function allows students to hypothetically change their major, minor, or concentration. It shows what coursework is required for the new major, minor, or concentration; what courses have been taken that satisfy requirements; and what courses are still needed.  This tool can be useful to students who are considering switching majors, minors, or concentrations.

Student Education Planner (SEP)
The Student Educational Planner allows students and advisors to plan a suggested course sequence for every semester of enrollment. Selected advisors, faculty, and staff have access to this tool.

GPA Calculator
There are three GPA calculators in DegreeWorks: Graduation, Term, and Advice. The GPA calculator is just an estimate and rounds up. It is not official.

Course Substitution For Major or Minor Requirement
If a Department or Program approve a course to be used as a substitution for a major or minor requirement, the Department or Program must submit a Course Substitution Form. This information will be processed as a substitution in DegreeWorks and a comment will be added to the students’ official CUNYfirst record by the Office of the Registrar within 3-5 days of receipt.

Due to the Financial Aid Census date, course substitutions for major or minor requirements must be reported at the point of registration or prior to the first day of the semester.

Credits Applied
DegreeWorks counts completed and in-progress courses (currently in-progress and future courses for which you have registered) in the “Credits Applied” section.

Concentration Block Is Not Found
Some majors and minors require a sub-plan, concentration, specialization, or track. When a sub-plan, concentration, specialization, or track is missing from the CUNYfirst student academic record, the DegreeWorks Worksheet will display “Concentration Block is not found.”  Students should follow up with an advisor to confirm that they have declared the appropriate sub-plan, concentration, specialization, or track, and if not, must declare it with the Registrar’s Office.

Elective Classes Allowed
Students are allowed a different number of general electives depending on the amount of coursework completed, as well as the number of credits required by a major or minor, to meet the total number of credits required for the degree program. A student with an undeclared major will have a higher number of elective courses than a student who has declared a major or minor, and the elective classes allowed may change when a major is declared.

Electives Not Allowed
“Electives Not Allowed” count toward the degree and total credit count; however, any course that exceeds the number of credits for Elective Classes Allowed or which do not apply to any requirement block will fall into this section. This may impact the student financial aid award (i.e. Book Voucher, Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), Excelsior, and NYS Scholarship).

Not Counted
“Not Counted” are courses that will not be applied to your record and will be subtracted from your total credit count. These courses may be duplicate courses (if there are duplicates, the program will automatically select the one taken first), cross-listed with another course also on your record, or courses that exceed the maximum allowable transfer credit limit. Courses that appear in this section may affect financial aid eligibility.

Transfer What-If
The Transfer What-If function allows students and advisors to see how coursework, taken at the College of Staten Island, would transfer to another CUNY institution and apply towards a desired major.  Please note that any CUNY General Education (Pathways) and Major Gateway courses completed at the College of Staten Island will automatically fulfill requirements at all CUNY colleges.

Questions About DegreeWorks
Please click here to fill out an online form that you may use to submit a DegreeWorks question or comment.