Mission Statement

The Office of the Registrar, as a member of the Division of Academic Affairs, performs essential roles in promoting the academic mission of the College of Staten Island.

The Office maintains the accuracy, integrity and security of all academic student records, and ensures full compliance with all applicable federal, state and university regulations.

The Office is dedicated to the delivery of quality service through collaboration, innovative technology and efficiency of process in a customer service focused environment..


Vision Statement

To provide consistent, user-friendly support and expertise that enables students, faculty and staff to achieve their aspirations for themselves and the enhancement of the College of Staten Island.


Value Statements

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We honor and respect the richness of thought and contribution of all individuals. We encourage an environment of respect for all, inclusive of age, ethnicity, gender, disability, race, religion and sexual orientation.

Honesty and Integrity: We apply the highest standards of measure in our work. We encourage professionalism and we respond to the needs of individuals with informed, accurate assistance.

Customer Service: We actively seek to enhance methods of service to align ourselves with the goals of the institution. We value the concerns of our clients and we continually strive to promote positive experience.

Collaboration: We proactively support communication and team work with colleagues. We work on a model of cooperative strategies and encourage communication and mutual respect in all our endeavors.

Innovation: We apply continuous enhancements to our operations and services through the use of innovative technologies and procedures. We promote creativity and professional/staff development in striving towards meeting the needs of changing environments and self improvement.