Welcome Transfer Students!

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the review and evaluation of transfer credits to the College of Staten Island.

Our Transfer Unit performs course by course evaluations from a variety of sources. Please see below for general transfer policies and guidelines.

Have a question or concern? Contact us as transferstudents@csi.cuny.edu.

General Policy

Transfer Evaluation Unit awards transfer credit, according to the guidelines discussed here, to students pursuing a first bachelor’s degree, the. The College of Staten Island reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions of higher education. In general, it is the college’s policy to accept credits earned at institutions fully accredited by their regional accrediting association for colleges and universities, provided that such credits have been earned through university-level courses appropriate to the student’s degree program at the College of Staten Island with a grade of C or higher for Non-CUNY institutions or a grade of D or higher for CUNY institutions.

Please note: transfer credit received may be subject to change

CUNY Equivalency Guide

The College of Staten Island transfers credit on course-by-course basis. Current CUNY students can use “Evaluate my Transfer Credit” on their CUNYfirst Student Center to see equivalency information for academic courses completed at other CUNY schools. Non-CUNY students can use our database of previously transferred courses to estimate equivalency for courses completed at other institutions.

Pathways Transfer Policy

Pathways makes it easier for students to transfer from one CUNY college to another. When a student has met a Common Core or College Option requirement at one CUNY school, those requirements will be met at any other CUNY school
The College of Staten Island subscribes to the CUNY Policy on guaranteed transferability of CUNY Pathways courses and their Requirement Designations. Students who receive credit for a course at a different requirement designation than they previously took can contact transferstudents@csi.cuny.edu for review and adjustment.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

After an admitted student matriculates by sending their Admissions Response Form into the Office of Admissions, the Transfer Unit will complete a course-by-course evaluation of transfer credits. The evaluation information will be made available to students via their CUNYfirst Self-Service portal > Transfer Credit Report. (You can find a tutorial here)
The credits transferred are done so as credit bearing only. The College of Staten Island does not transfer the GPA of a prior school.
Once credits have been evaluated prospective students will be invited to meet with the Center for Advisement and Academic Success to discuss their transferred courses and plan their first semester of coursework. (Students who have attended a CUNY school prior to CSI are not required to meet with the Center and can register on their own).
Students can also use their DegreeWorks portal to view how their transferred credits apply to their chosen degree. (CUNYfirst Student Center portal > DegreeWorks-Online Advisement.)

General Elective Credit

The Transfer Unit evaluates courses based on grade and title only. If a course’s title is not recognized as being a direct equivalent to one offered at the College of Staten Island a student may be given a General Elective Credit in a subject (199, 299 or BKT). These credits count as credit towards the degree but not as a specific course. If a student believes the content of what they previously took matches the content of a CSI course they have the opportunity to bring qualifying documents (course description, syllabus, abstract etc.) to the corresponding department for review. If the department makes a determination of CSI equivalency, the department Chair or designee will send the evaluation recommendation to the Transfer Unit for processing.

Anatomy and Physiology Credit

CSI will only transfer Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 together from the same institution. Students who have taken only one or have taken both but at different schools will receive BIO 199 credit.

Courses Receiving No Credit

The College of Staten Island reserves the right to deny credit for courses that are not comparable to those offered in its degree programs. Some categories of courses that generally do not receive transfer credit are:

  • Courses considered below college level (usually numbered below 100).
  • Repeated courses or courses with duplicate subject content.
  • Courses offered for non-credit in continuing education
  • Courses providing instruction in English as a Second Language

Transfer Credit Limit

The college allows a maximum of 90 semester credits to be applied to a College of Staten Island degree.
CSI will not transfer any course with a grade of C- or lower for outside CUNY institutions or a D- or lower for CUNY institutions.

Military Credit

Official military transcripts (Joint Services Transcripts) must be submitted to the College of Staten Island for evaluation. Coursework recommended for academic college credit at the lower- or upper-division level by the American Council on Education (ACE) will be considered for transfer provided that the coursework is applicable to the student’s degree program at the College of Staten Island.

Military coursework is evaluated separately by the Veterans Support Services Office.

Foreign Institutions

Students with credit from foreign institutions may receive credit for coursework at CSI. In order to be reviewed an English translation (when applicable) is needed. Translation agencies as well as other information on foreign evaluation services can be found here.

Other Transfer Credit                                                  

Life Experience Credit

A student has the opportunity to receive up to 15 credits of coursework based on Life Experience. In general, this credit is not awarded by the Transfer Unit. However, two avenues exist for obtaining this type of credit:
Once enrolled at CSI, students may explore the possibility of obtaining departmental approval for transfer of credit based on life experience by submitting a proposal and portfolio to the academic department that oversees the course they are seeking. If the department makes a determination of CSI equivalency, the department Chair or designee will send the evaluation recommendation to the Transfer Unit for processing.
Students who hold certain positions at the: NYPD, FDNY, DOC, EMT or as a CUNY Peace Officer may be able to receive automatic life experience credit by submitting an active agency ID to the Office of the Registrar. For more information a student can contact transferstudents@csi.cuny.edu

Advanced Placement

Students who have taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses in High School and receive a 4 or 5 on the corresponding AP exam my receive credit from CSI. The Transfer Unit must receive an official transcript of the exam grades directly in order for these credits to be awarded. (Please note: Special Programs at CSI may have different transfer rules than the general college)

College Now

Students who take college level courses while still in high school may receive credit for some or all of their courses from CSI. It is the responsibility of the student to inform CSI that they have taken college courses and ensure an official transcript from the corresponding college is received by the Office of Admissions. These courses should be reported and evaluated before the student begins their first semester at CSI. Students should check their CUNYfirst Self-Service portal > Transfer Credit Report to ensure credits have been reviewed and transferred. If a student believes their coursework has not been evaluated he or she can contact transferstudents@csi.cuny.edu.
Courses taken for college credit in high school may not transfer at the same level as a matching titled course taken as a matriculated college student. For example, to receive credit for level 1 of a language course at CSI a student must have taken level 3 through College Now. (Please note: Special Programs at CSI may have different transfer rules than the general college)


Students may take a CLEP exam to receive credit for CSI coursework. Only certain exams are accepted for credit at CSI. The CLEP site allows a student to view which exams an institution takes before registering to take a CLEP test. Additionally, credit will not be awarded for any subject in which the student has already taken the corresponding CSI course or a higher level than the corresponding course.

Appeal Procedure

Students with questions or concerns about their transfer credits can send an appeal to transferstudents@csi.cuny.edu for further review.
If students have not received a response to their college appeal within 15 business days, or if students wish to appeal from a negative determination on their campus appeal, they may appeal that decision to the CUNY University Provost/ Office of Academic Affairs using the University Transfer Credit Appeals Form.