Welcome Transfer Students!

Accept an invitation to excellence by joining the thousands of students who transfer to competitive programs at the College of Staten Island.

Students with credits from other institutions recognize CSI for opportunities in advanced study and research, affordability and the ease of the transfer process. We at CSI appreciate the special concerns of transfer students and are readily available through personalized communication. Upon acceptance, your transfer credits will be evaluated and you will be given the opportunity to meet with a member of the transfer evaluation unit to discuss your academic record. We welcome transfer students to our campus and look forward to assisting you in your transition to CSI.

Students transferring from other CUNY institutions may visit the CUNY online Transfer Information and Program Planning System (TIPPS) at www.tipps.cuny.edu. This system is continuously updated and enhanced. If course equivalents are not available, please submit course descriptions to request additional evaluation.

The maximum number of credits that can transfer is 90 credits. The Registrar's Office will evaluate course equivalencies wherever possible. Some courses may not be transferable. Other courses may not have CSI equivalents and transfer as blanket credits within a discipline

(i.e. POL 199 - 100 level Political Science). Students may request further evaluation of blanket credits for CSI equivalents by providing the original course description to the Registrar.

Students may obtain course descriptions from any former College/University by visiting your former college website or by using a search engine on the Internet, like GOOGLE.COM.

International Students may register with World Education Services also known as WES, which accurately translates the US credit equivalents as well course titles and grades. For more information log on to the web-site; WES.org

Before seeing an Academic Advisor or Department Chairperson:

Please have:

  • Copies of your former transcript
  • Course descriptions of courses taken 
    (A college catalog from your former school is also very helpful)
  • A current CSI transcript
  • Transfer credit evaluation form