Registration FAQ

When I log onto CUNYfirst, why can't I register?
What is an Overtally (class permission)? How do I get one?
What is a Requisite Waiver (class permission)? How do I get one?
When can I drop a class?
What will happen if I withdraw/drop a class?
What types of withdrawals are there?
When/What is Freshmen Registration/Orientation?
How do I Readmit?
What is Reactivation?
What if I am a Visiting Student?
What if I am a Transfer Student?
How many credits may I register for in a given semester?
What is a STOP (Service Indicator)?
I’m having trouble logging on to the CUNY Portal, or I can but cannot access CUNYfirst. Who do I call?
I have questions about my financial aid. Who/Where do I go?
I took a course previously and now would like to take it again, is this possible?
I am getting an error message when trying to add a course, how do I resolve it?
What is the Waitlist?

Records Update FAQ

How do I change my major or add a minor?
How do I change my address?
How do I change my name?
What are the rules for in-state residency classification?
How do I get my enrollment certified for an outside agency?
How do I request a copy of my transcript?


What is an ePermit?
What are the requirements to apply for an ePermit?
If I have a hold on my record can I apply for an ePermit?
How many courses can I take on ePermit?
How do I apply for an ePermit?
How do I pay for an ePermit?
How do I register for an ePermit I was approved for?
Can I find the equivalence for a course I would like to take as an ePermit?
Can I repeat a course on ePermit?
Can I cancel an ePermit?
If I am having a problem with ePermit who can I contact?
How can I check the status of my ePermit after I have applied?

Graduation FAQ

What is the difference between graduation and commencement?
Is it possible for me to graduate in one semester and complete the courses required for my major during the following semester?
Do I have to pay any fees for graduation?
What are the deadlines to apply for graduation?
How many credits do I need to earn a degree at CSI?
What are the degree requirements for my major?
The degree requirements have changed since I entered the College of Staten Island. Will that affect my graduation?
Can I earn two degrees at the same time?
How many credits do I need in order to apply for graduation?
What grade point average (GPA) do I need in order to graduate with honors?
When can I pick up my diploma?
When and where do I sign up for senior portraits and cap and gowns?
How do I prevent my name from being displayed in the commencement program and the Advance newspaper?
Can I graduate if I have an incomplete (INC) grade on my transcript?

Transfer FAQ

How do I request permission to take a course at another institution?
I am a returning student. Where should I send my transcript?
What is the maximum number of credits that can transfer?
I have blanket credits in my major (for example, 30 EDC credits); how can I get these evaluated?
What are challenge exams and how can challenge exams benefit me?
How do I apply for an e-permit?
What is COR 100?
Do I qualify for a COR 100 waiver?
I was exempt from composition classes at my former college; do I have to take Eng 111 and Eng 151?
How can I transfer AP (Advanced Placement) credits?
What is the difference between AP (Advanced Placement) credits and College Now credits?
I transferred 90 credits to CSI. What requirements must I satisfy for my CSI degree?
I have a degree from SUNY. Will I lose credits if I transfer to CSI?
What are the General Education requirements at CSI?
My Ped 190 (1.0 credit) was waived. Does this mean I only need 119 credits to graduate?
I took college credits in high school. Why didn't they transfer?
I have to leave CSI for personal reasons. What should I do to drop my classes?
My college sent my transcripts three weeks ago. How will I know that you received it?
I was academically dismissed and went to Kingsborough for 2 semesters. How do I return to CSI?
How do I send my military transcripts for evaluation?
I have military experience, but no college credits. Do I qualify for Ped 190 waiver?
My former college is not accredited. Can I receive transfer college credits?

Faculty/Staff FAQ

When do I have to submit grades?
Is the final exam schedule available?
Is the Academic Calendar available?
How can I revise the prerequisites on a course or degree requirements?
How can I propose a new course, a change an existing course, or a change in degree program?
What format should be used when submitting course/degree proposals?
What is consultation and why is it included in the proposal format?
How do I get information on course scheduling?
How do I submit a request for a course fee?
How do I submit room change requests?
Who do I contact in the Registrar to refer a student or get answers to my questions?


What is a waitlist?
How do I know if a class has a waitlist?
How do I get onto a waitlist?
I am in one class and don’t want to lose my seat, but really would prefer another class. How can I use waitlist to help?
I am on the waitlist, now what?
Does waitlist recognize class permissions?
Will I be notified when I am auto-enrolled from the waitlist?
What are the chances that I will be auto-enrolled from the waitlist?
How do I know what position I am on the waitlist and how many students are ahead of me?
I really need a particular class. Can I waitlist for more tha