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It is important to note that upon graduation, all grades earned prior to the date that the degree is awarded cannot be appealed or changed for any reason. In addition, you will not be able to graduate with an incomplete (INC), pending (PEN), or missing grade (Z) on the transcript.
Since we'll be using preferred email addresses to contact graduates once their degrees are officially awarded, please take a moment to check CUNYfirst to make sure you have your most current email address and contact information on file so that we can share the news with you!

Graduation Applications for a student's declared degree are accepted ONLINE via CUNYfirst

Students are eligible to apply for graduation once they have earned 45 credits towards an Associate's degree, 94 credits towards a Bachelor's degree and at any point at the Graduate level. Students should apply for graudation before the deadline in the semester they will complete their final requirement(s). (See Graduation Application Deadlines below)

Click here for instructions on how to apply and how to view your application status.

If you experience issues applying online via CUNYfirst please email degreeaudit@csi.cuny.edu.

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Graduation Applications for a Reverse Transfer or ENROUTE Associate Degree

An enroute Associate degree application is for students currently in a Bachelor's degree program who believe they have met the requirements for a CSI offered Associate degree. Students who are eligible to apply need to complete an application online (links to available applications below)

Please consult with an advisor prior to submitting the application to ensure that you are applying for the correct degree. 

Spring 2021 Enroute Associate Degree Application

Graduation Application Deadlines

Fall Term

The application period for the fall term opens July 2nd and closes on October 1st.  Degrees for the Fall Term are conferred on January 15th.

Spring Term

The application period for the spring term opens October 2nd closes March 1st.  Degrees for the Spring Term are conferred June 15th.

Summer Term

The application period for the summer term opens January 2nd and closes July 1st. (PLEASE NOTE: In order for Summer candidates to be listed in the commencement booklet their application must be in by March 1st) Degrees for the Summer Term are conferred August 31st.


Status of Your Graduation Application

Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Students can check their application status on CUNYfirst.

The following are the Grad Statuses assigned in CUNYfirst:

  • Applied for Graduation:  You have applied to graduate from your declared major/minor.  
  • Approved: The Registrar has certified that all requirements are complete and your degree will be awarded at or after the conferral date for the applied term.  
  • Awarded:  The Registrar has certified that all requirements are completed and your degree is now part of your student record.  
  • Denied: The Registrar was unable to certify your degree as you are missing one or more requirements.  Contact your advisor(s) to discuss a resolution or for advice on reapplying for graduation in a future term.
  • Eligible: You are eligible to apply for graduation from your declared major/minor.  
  • In Review: The Registrar and/or Academic Department is reviewing your academic record.  
  • Pending:  Based on the Registrar’s and the Academic Departments’ review of your coursework, successful completion of outstanding or current coursework may result in the conferral of your degree.  A communication will be sent to your address on file if additional information is required.
  • Withdrawn: Your application for graduation has been withdrawn.  In order to be considered for a future term you must reapply. 

Graduation Requirements

Credit Requirements

With some exceptions, baccalaureate degree programs require the successful completion of 120 credits and associate degree programs require the successful completion of 60 credits. Exceptions are the following programs: Bachelor of Science (BS): Biology (128), Computer Science (124), Engineering Science (133), Electrical Engineering (133), Medical Technology (128); Associate in Applied Science (AAS): Computer Technology (64), Electrical Engineering Technology (64), Nursing (64).

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirement

Courses are classified as liberal arts and sciences or as non-liberal arts and sciences.  For undergraduate degrees, the New York State Department of Education requires that a portion of the credit hours in the degree program must be in the liberal arts and sciences.  These requirements are as follows: Associate in Arts (AA), 45 credits; Associate in Science (AS), 30 credits; Associate in Applied Science (AAS), 20 credits; Bachelor of Arts (BA), 90 credits; Bachelor of Science (BS), 60 credits;  Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), 30 credits.

Minimum Credits in Residence

To obtain a degree, associates or baccalaureate, from the College of Staten Island, students must earn a minimum of 30 credits through courses taken at the College. To qualify for a bachelor’s degree from the College, students must also earn at least half (50%) of the credits required for the major through courses taken at the College. To obtain a One-Year Certificate from the College of Staten Island, at least half (50%) of the required credits must be earned in courses taken at the College.

Cumulative or Overall GPA

All students are required to achieve at least a 2.0 grade point average in their core or major requirements in order to earn an undergraduate degree at the College. Some programs require a higher GPA. Exceptions are the following programs: Bachelor of Science (BS): Accounting (2.5), Business (2.5), Psychology (2.5), Social Work (2.5); Bachelor of Arts (BA): Psychology (2.5).

New Student Orientation Requirement

Students who enter the College with fewer than six credits are required to complete the orientation requirement. Students are expected to complete this requirement during their first semester or prior to the completion of 12 equated credits.

Double Majors

To major in more than one field of study, students must complete all of the core or major requirements for each of the fields. If the Pathways General Education requirements of the two fields differ, the student must complete the more restrictive and demanding of the two. If the total credits required differ, the student must complete the larger number. To have the second core or major recorded on the final transcript the student must apply for both fields when filing for graduation. Upon satisfactory completion of the requirements, both fields of study will be recorded on the final transcript.

Double Degrees

To receive a second degree of the same type, for example History (BA) and Spanish (BA), it is necessary to complete the requirements of the second field of study and to complete at least 30 credits more in residence than the number of credits required to complete the first degree. If a student choses to major in two disciplines offering different types of degree, for example History (BA) and Biology (BS), the student must earn two degrees by earning a minimum of 30 credits in residence above the credits required for the first degree.

Second Degree

To receive a second associate or baccalaureate degree from the College of Staten Island, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits in addition to the number of credits required for the first degree.

Previous Degree

Students who have completed an associate’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution must complete a maximum of 6 College Option credits.  Students who hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited post-secondary institution are considered to have completed general education requirements.

Minor Requirements

In addition to completing the requirements of a major for a bachelor’s degree, students may choose to declare a minor.  Students shall not declare minors in the same discipline as their majors.  In order for a minor to be recorded on the student’s final transcript, the student must already be declared in the minor prior to applying for graduation.

Departmental Honors

Students may graduate with honors in their field of study in most bachelor’s degree majors. To receive honors, the student must have at least a 3.5 grade point average in courses taken in the major and/or pass a comprehensive examination in the subject. The student must also complete an honors thesis or project. This last requirement is the heart of the honors program, for each student must work closely with a faculty member to define the project, carry out the research and investigation, and write the final report or prepare the final project. Students may receive credit through independent study for their work on an honors project. The projects must be accepted by the department. Students who successfully complete these requirements will receive the notation on their transcript that they have graduated with honors in their field of study. For specific requirements, see the section on Honors Requirements under the bachelor’s degree program description.

Graduation with Honors

Undergraduates who meet the qualifications will receive the associate’s or bachelor’s degree summa cum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude as follows:

  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.90: summa cum laude
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.75: magna cum laude
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.50: cum laude.

Diploma Distribution

Diploma distribution normally occurs three months from the conferral date. Students will be notified via their preferred email address listed in CUNYfirst when diplomas are available for pick-up. 

In order to pick-up a diploma a student must present a photo-id and have no negative service indicators. 

If a student is unable to pick up their diploma, they may authorize someone else to pick it up for them.  The person that the student designates must present their valid photo identification along with written and signed permission from the student and a copy of the student's photo ID.

**If you need a replacement diploma please click here to complete the request form** - Replacement diplomas will also need a $15 check or money order sent in to accompany the online request.