Performing and Creative Arts

Kate Horsfield: Attempt to Form

September 21 - October 19, 2023

oil on canvas, abstract  painting , densely layered, with rich color palettes
Kate Horsfield, Calliope, oil on canvas, 18x14in., 2018

Opening reception Thursday, September 21, 4:30-6:30pm

Kate Horsfield’s paintings and ceramic sculptures are abstract, densely layered, with rich color palettes. Ever experimenting, Horsfield explores how an artwork can contain the tension experienced between one’s interior consciousness and an external world that may feel, at times, joyfully luminous, or, at other times, seems to be spinning backwards. Her works can be playful and exuberant, or they can be enigmatic, elusive, as if dissolving before our eyes. Horsfield was director of the Video Data Bank at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the leading distributors of artists' video and interviews from 1976 to 2006.
The Art Gallery of the College of Staten Island is proud to be the first institution to present this work to the public. The Art Gallery is open Monday through Thursday, noon to 4:00pm.

This exhibition is curated by Dr. Cynthia Chris, with Dr. Siona Wilson.

Performing and Creative Arts Department Overview

Our departmental programs share a mission to educate, mentor, and train students who wish to pursue both the practice and theory of the arts. In addition to preparing students majoring in the arts and those planning to receive advanced degrees in graduate school, the Department’s courses meet the needs and interests of students in the liberal arts and sciences, and foster the role of the arts within the framework of a liberal arts education.

CSI Today Talks

CSI Today Talks returns with co-host David Pizzuto interviewing Dr. Siona Wilson, Professor of Art History at the College of Staten Island and curator of the CSI Art Gallery on campus. Dr. Wilson discussed her career and what brought her to CSI, her involvement with the Art Gallery, some of her favorite shows and what's in store for the future of the Gallery this semester and beyond.


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The Art Gallery of the College of Staten Island Presents:

Eric Aerts: Photography Inside the Cages

September 19 - October 20, 2022


Dormitory, empty with tightly spaced beds, on one of which is a toy teddy bear



In 1971, a year before the Willowbrook State School became the focus of national outrage, the photographer, Eric Aerts, brought the first images to the local Staten Island public. Learn more about this exhibit on the art gallery webpage.


Curated by: Dr. Siona Wilson

Girls + Eggs

November 10 - December 6, 2022

Opening Reception Thursday November 10, 5 - 7pm


Girls + Eggs Banner


Co-sponsored by the Center for Global Engagement in association with International Education Week and the Bertha Harris Women’s Center.

An explosive group exhibition of drawings, paintings, photographs, and objects by European and US artists working in solidarity and fury in response to parallel attacks on abortion rights and sexual citizenship in Poland and the United States. First presented in Krakow in June 2022, Girls + Eggs uses humor and beauty to delight and challenge viewers to share our outrage.

Curated by: Dr. Siona Wilson

Art Gallery Hours

Undergraduate Research Conference: Performances by Music and Theatre students, and visual art on display in both the student and professional galleries, April 28th. All events will take place in person, 1P first floor.

  • Alexander, Marina
  • Antone D’Angelo, Mikhael
  • Brown, Edward
  • Bueschlen, Haley
  • DeWaters, Dillon
  • Diamond, Robert
  • Doskow, Jade
  • Duncan, Duncan
  • Falco, Henry
  • Fick, Matt
  • Frocheur, Nichole
  • Hebbert, Dianne
  • Heimur, Elena
  • Hoffman, Kate Pollard
  • Johnson, Carter
  • Kaminski, Joseph
  • Keller, Justin
  • Lane, Chelsea
  • Loncle, David
  • Manister, Craig
  • Miller, Ashlee
  • Miller, Scott
  • Mims, Martina
  • Nestler, Rose
  • Oh, Yoojin
  • Pels, Marsha
  • Peterson, Benjamin
  • Pollack, Nicholas
  • Raickovich, Milos
  • Ramkissoon, Issidore
  • Rutledge, Walter
  • Safron Hon, Naomi
  • Sales, Elizabeth
  • Sato, Analisa
  • Schultz, Jedadiah
  • Sirotta, Michael
  • Smith, David
  • Smith, Darrell
  • Smith, Howard
  • Tancredi, Dominick
  • Taylor, Robert Morgan
  • Vaz, Joseph
  • Wechsler, David
  • Wu, Johnna
  • Zucker, Elena
  • Briner, Timothy
  • Fick, Matt
  • Ortiz, Brian

What are some obtainable jobs with performing and creative art degrees?



  • Actor
  • Director
  • Scenic Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Dramaturge
  • Art Director
  • Playwright
  • Stage Manager


  • Photographic Re-Toucher Photographer
  • Photographic Lab Technician
  • Photography Gallery Manager
  • Photography Archivist
  • Photographic Studio Technician
  • Photographic Production Assistant


  • Studio Musician
  • Music Copyist
  • Private Music Teacher
  • Recording Engineer
  • Audio Technician

Studio Art

  • Art Appraiser
  • Art Teacher/Instructor
  • Art Gallery/Museum Director
  • Art School Director
  • Studio Assistant and/or Technician
  • Studio Artist: Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor, Installation Artist
  • Artists' Studio Assistant and/or Coordinator
  • Museum and Gallery Archivist
  • Production Screen-printer
  • Art Handler/Transporter
  • Art Conservator/Museum Restorer
  • Gallery Curator or Arts Administrator

Williamson Theatre at the College of Staten Island

The Williamson Theatre is a traditional proscenium house.  It is a perfect venue for theatrical performances, including dance and concerts. 442 seats.

Music facility for recording and production

A State-of-the-Art electronic Music Lab

Photography Facility at CSI

Traditional Black and White Darkrooms, State-of-the-Art Digital Workstations, High-Quality Inkjet Printing Facility