2021 Commencement

The Department of Performing and Creative Arts congratulates our graduating seniors on their commencement. Your perseverance and dedication over the course of this past year in particular has been extraordinary. The faculty and staff are proud of what you have achieved, and extend our best wishes for your future success and happiness. Work by our graduates can be viewed in the videos on this page, and on our YouTube channel.

Performing and Creative Arts Department Overview

Our departmental programs share a mission to educate, mentor, and train students who wish to pursue both the practice and theory of the arts. In addition to preparing students majoring in the arts and those planning to receive advanced degrees in graduate school, the Department’s courses meet the needs and interests of students in the liberal arts and sciences, and foster the role of the arts within the framework of a liberal arts education.

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Programs in Performing and Creative Arts Department

Video Highlights

Music Program Senior Recital: Mauro Corona, Snare Drum


B.F.A. Senior Thesis Projects

Clip from PCA Drama Student Production of Funnyhouse of a Negro

PCA Drama Student and Faculty Response to Ongoing Anti-Black Violence and Systemic Racism

CSI Jazz Performance Fall 2020

My Funny Valentine. Performed by Sophia Sparnroft




Performing and Creative Arts Faculty & Staff

Full Time Faculty

  • Alexander, Marina
  • Antone D’Angelo, Mikhael
  • Brown, Edward
  • Bueschlen, Haley
  • Clive, David
  • Cobbs, Will
  • Cohen, Loren
  • Cueva, Nicholas
  • DeWaters, Dillon
  • Doskow, Jade
  • Duncan, Duncan
  • Falco, Henry
  • Fearon, Davalois
  • Fick, Matt
  • Frocheur, Nichole
  • Heimur, Elena
  • Hoffman, Kate Pollard
  • Johnson, Carter
  • Kaminski, Joseph
  • Keller, Justin
  • Lane, Chelsea
  • Lee, AhRam
  • Loncle, David
  • Manister, Craig
  • Miller, Ashlee
  • Miller, Scott
  • Mims, Martina
  • Morgan Taylor, Robert
  • Nestler, Rose
  • Oh, Yoojin
  • Pels, Marsha
  • Peterson, Benjamin
  • Quintanilla, Faustino
  • Raickovich, Milos
  • Ramkissoon, Issidore
  • Rutledge, Walter
  • Schultz, Jedadiah
  • Sirotta, Michael
  • Smith, David
  • Smith, Howard
  • Tancredi, Dominick
  • Wechsler, David
  • Zucker, Elena
  • Briner, Timothy
  • Fick, Matt
  • Manister, Craig
  • Ortiz, Brian
  • Samuels, John
  • Straniere, Jennifer

What are some obtainable jobs with performing and creative art degrees?





Studio Art

  • Actor
  • Director
  • Scenic Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Dramaturge
  • Art Director
  • Playwright
  • Stage Manager
  • Photographic Re-Toucher Photographer
  • Photographic Lab Technician
  • Photography Gallery Manager
  • Photography Archivist
  • Photographic Studio Technician
  • Photographic Production Assistant
  • Studio Musician
  • Music Copyist
  • Private Music Teacher
  • Recording Engineer
  • Audio Technician
  • Art Appraiser
  • Art Teacher/Instructor
  • Art Gallery/Museum Director
  • Art School Director
  • Studio Assistant and/or Technician
  • Studio Artist: Painter, Printmaker, Sculptor, Installation Artist
  • Artists' Studio Assistant and/or Coordinator
  • Museum and Gallery Archivist
  • Production Screen-printer
  • Art Handler/Transporter
  • Art Conservator/Museum Restorer
  • Gallery Curator or Arts Administrator

Performing and Creative Arts Facilities