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Curriculum and Instruction

Department of Curriculum and Instruction Overview

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction offers CUNY undergraduate programs in Early Childhood, Childhood and Adolescent Education in Social Studies, English, Sciences, Mathematics, and World Languages (Italian and Spanish), leading to Initial Teacher Certification. CUNY MSEd in Childhood, Adolescent (Social Studies, English, Biology and Mathematics), and the unique CUNY MSEd Sequence 2, leading to initial certification in these programs, designed for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in a field other than Education.  Other CUNY program offerings include the MSED in TESOL, the Advanced Certificates in TESOL and the Bi- Lingual Extension Program.

What are obtainable jobs with degrees in Education?
  • Teacher, Early Childhood (Ages Birth-Grade 2)
  • Teacher, Childhood (Grades K-8)
  • Teacher, Adolescence (Grades 9-12)
  • Teacher of English Language Learners
  • Special Education Teacher, Self-contained
  • Special Education Teacher, Inclusive Classroom
  • Grade Leader
  • Adult Literacy
  • Prison Educator
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Curriculum Coordinator
  • Testing Coordinator
  • School Leader (Principal, Assistant Principal)
  • District Leader (Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Borough Field Support Center)
  • Corporate Trainer

Certified Graduates are eligible for these positions in Traditional Public Schools, Charter Schools, Independent Schools, Parochial Schools, Private Schools, and other entities including non-profits and corporations.


Graduate Program to Prepare Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.


Undergraduate Program for the Preparation of teachers of Birth to Grade 2 students.


Graduate Program to prepare secondary teachers for initial certification, intended for those with an undergraduate degree.

  • Loreta Andersen
  • Deirdre Armitage
  • Steven Azeka
  • Nita Baxani
  • Joanna Birnbaum
  • Anna Carter
  • Michael DeConzo
  • Susanna Eng
  • Barbara Ferrante
  • Wendy Halm-Violette 
  • Ingrid Heidrick
  • Sharon Jacobson
  • Tunde Jakab
  • Angela Mascia-Millan
  • Joseph McAnanama
  • Denise McNamara
  • Candace McNeece
  • Edward Miller
  • Kristy Parris
  • Gail Rosenberg
  • Kristen Solheim
  • Roslyn Stozki
  • Maria Timo 
Facilities, Early Childhood Education Classroom available for Curriculum and Instruction Students

Early Childhood Education Classroom

Facilities, Science Lab available for Curriculum and Instruction Students

Science Education Laboratory

Facilities, Math Lab available for Curriculum and Instruction Students

Mathematics Education Laboratory

Education Building
Willowbrook Campus

Department Contact

Deborah M. DeSimone

Chairperson and Associate Professor

Email Deborah M. DeSimone

Joanne Pignatano

CUNY Administrative Assistant & Secretary to the Chairpersons

Assistant to Assessment and Accreditation
Building 3S, Room 208
Email Joanne Pignatano