Ashley Dawson

Dawson, Ashley Professor

Much of Dr. Dawson’s work hinges on the experience and literature of migration, including movement from postcolonial nations such as Jamaica and Nigeria to the former imperial center and from rural areas to mega-cities of the global South like Lagos and Mumbai.  He has also worked recently on global media cultures Read more..
Rafael de la Dehesa

Dehesa, Rafael de la Associate Professor

Rafael de la Dehesa began teaching in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at the College of Staten Island in 2004. He has been active on the board of directors of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS), at the Graduate Center. Professor de la Dehesa obtained Read more..
Dr. Ellen-ge Denton

Denton, Ellen-ge Assistant Professor

Dr. Denton’s primary research interest is to identify prevention factors associated with suicide-depression, cross-culturally, and to develop, test, and disseminate primary and secondary interventions to improve adolescent mental health outcomes in low and middle income countries (LMICs) or resource poor areas in the US. Dr. Denton is a licensed psychologist

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John M. Dixon

Dixon, John M. Associate Professor

John Dixon is a historian of early America and the early modern Atlantic world. His research interests include intellectual and cultural history, the Enlightenment, New York history, and American Jewish history. 

A former associate editor of the Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers, Professor Dixon received his Ph.D. in American history from

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Janet Dudley

Dudley, Janet Professor

Professor Janet Ng Dudley is Professor of Asian Literature in the Department of English.  Her area of specialization is 20th Century Chinese Literature.  Dr. Dudley’s recent research interests include contemporary urban cultures in East Asia, especially Hong Kong, and Japan.  Professor Dudley was chairperson of the English Department from 2004-2007.  She has been on Read more..
Valkiria Duran-Narucki

Duran-Narucki, Valkiria Lecturer

Originally from Costa Rica, Valkiria Durán-Narucki came to the United States thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship from the US Department of State. She obtained a master’s degree from New York University with an emphasis in Community Psychology, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate Center of CUNY in Environmental Psychology. Her

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Ewa Dzurak

Dzurak, Ewa Cataloging Services Librarian

Sean Edgecomb

Edgecomb, Sean Assistant Professor

Dr. Edgecomb joins The College of Staten Island after serving three years as an Assistant Professor of Drama and as the Director of the Bachelor of Creative Arts at the University of Queensland, Australia.  He holds a Ph.D. in Drama from Tufts University, an M.A. in Theatre Studies and Education from

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James Falkin

Falkin, James Lecturer

James Falkin joined the College of Staten Island in 1997 and was promoted to Lecturer in 2008. Dr. Falkin teaches courses in Political Theory, International Relations, and Developmental Politics. He is a member both of the Political Science Department and the Department of International Studies. In 2008 Dr. Falkin won Read more..
Maryann Feola image

Feola, Maryann S Professor

Maryann S. Feola received her Ph.D. at the Graduate School of the City University of New York, where she pursued her interests in the various cultural aspects of the Renaissance. Her research includes sixteenth and seventeenth-century radical writers, including Christopher Marlowe, John Milton, early Quakers writers, and the literature of

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