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Biology Department Overview

As a department, our mission is founded on the premise that excellence in teaching and excellence in research complement each other. We have an exciting diverse faculty whose expertise encompasses Biology as a whole and it is our aim to be able to provide our students with training in all major sub-disciplines of Biology. We encourage students to participate in faculty directed research through independent study, often leading to a co-authored publication. We recognize that a large number of our students enter professional programs (Medical Laboratory Science and Nursing) or pursue professional degrees (MD, DDS, DPM and DPT etc.) as well as entering CSI graduate programs (Masters degree) in Biology, Neuroscience and Environmental Science and the CUNY Ph.D. program. Many of our faculty hold Dual appointments with the Graduate Center.

In conjunction with the mission of the college, the Biology Department embraces the strength of our diversity, fosters civic mindedness and nurtures responsible citizens for city, country and the world.

Graduate Program

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A representative from the College of Staten Island will be attending events and will be available to meet with you to answer questions about the program. Click here to view a list of events.

The Department of Biology at the College of Staten Island offers graduate degrees in Biology.  The degrees are designed to provide research training in a variety of disciplines in biology, as well as prepare secondary education teachers with coursework and projects to prepare the scientists of the future.


PhD Programs





  • Aly, Ezra


  • Brown, Emmel T.


  • Camillo, Cassandra C.



  • Elassad, Natalie L.


  • Ghigliotti, Lisa M.





Image of a Cell observed at Imaging Facility by a Biochemistry Student

Advanced Imaging Facility

The AIF is a shared core facility under the Division of Science and Technology at CSI that houses advanced imaging systems

Anti-Microbial Agents As Viewed Under a Microscope by Biochemistry Students

CUNY High Performance Computing Center

The HPCC has a central role in the support of initiatives in economic development and provides assistance with sustaining intellectual growth

Health wellness female lab student with laptop image
  • Animal facility
  • Aquarium
  • Green house

Other programs you may be interested in

Biological and Chemical Sciences Building
Willowbrook Campus

Department Contact

Dr. Chang-Hui Shen

Chairperson and Professor

Email Dr. Chang-Hui Shen

Josephine Caputo

Administrative Assistant

Email Josephine Caputo

Deputy Chair

Biology PhD Program

Biochemistry PhD Program

MS in Biology / Biotechnology Coordinator

Medical Laboratory Science Program

Pre-Professional Preparation in Healthcare