Rachel Grant

Grant, Rachel Associate Professor

As a scholar my work is informed by critical race and critical multicultural theory, womanist and feminist theory, critical multiculturalism, and sociocultural theory. My research interests reflect critical pedagogical approaches to literacy and academic achievement for linguistically and racially diverse students with a particular focus on urban settings.

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Chris Hale

Hale, Chris Assistant Professor

Dr. Hale has spent much of his career as a literacy specialist working with students with learning disabilities and those labeled emotionally disturbed. His years as a teacher allowed him to experience firsthand the challenges faced by special education teachers and to witness the pain and alienation of children who

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Judit Kerekes

Kerekes, Judit Associate Professor

Educational philosophy
Professor Kerekes’ educational philosophy is based on a perspective that education is one of the few fields which can promote a positive change for the future. Professor Kerekes visits classrooms frequently, and she continues to collaborate with pre- and in-service students. Together they discuss their classroom needs, developing

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Jinyoung Kim

Kim, Jinyoung Associate Professor

Dr. Kim has taught at the College of Staten Island since 1998.

Her academic interests include music education for children, music integration, and pre-service and in-service professional development.
She has composed more than 100 children's songs, and published music albums for children - 6 in Korean and 2 in

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David Kritt

Kritt, David Assistant Professor

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Bethany Rogers

Rogers, Bethany Associate Professor

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Image of El Samuels; too bad you can't see the image, he's cute : /

Samuels, El Doctoral Lecturer

My research centers on using careful measurement in field-based research both to understand how people can overcome adversity to succeed and how to promote prosocial development. I also collaborate to apply my knowledge of experimental methods and statistics to a range of social and health science endeavors.

In my courses, I

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photo of Stephanie Schmier

Schmier, Stephanie Assistant Professor

Critical digital literacies. Adolescent literacies, Methodologies for digital qualitative research

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Greg Seals

Seals, Greg Associate Professor

The philosophy of John Dewey, the metaphysics of education, school desegregation. Read more..
Vivian Shulman

Shulman, Vivian Associate Professor

Vivian Shulman is an educational psychologist specializing in educational measurement.  Her research focuses on the characterization and evaluation of the role of leaders in implementing changes in schools, and the evaluation of professional development programs.  She teaches psychology in the graduate and undergraduate programs and the capstone graduate educational research seminar.  

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