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Advising for Spring 2024

Registration for the Spring and Winter 2024 semesters is ongoing. Your faculty advisor can remove advising stops, help you choose classes, and make sure that you are on track to fulfill degree requirements.

  • Check in your CUNYFirst Student Center to see who your faculty advisor is
  • Full-time faculty members are advising by email or Zoom during office hours or by appointment. To find out when your faculty advisor holds office hours, contact CUNY Administrative Assistant Gary Pizzolo,, or email the professor directly. Email addresses can be found in the Campus Directory
  • Prepare for advising by filling out interactive checklists (PDF) for your major and any CIN/COM minors.  When contacting your faculty advisor, include:
    • your EMPLID
    • your completed checklist, indicating classes taken in the past (including courses in progress)
    • a list of classes from the schedule you are interested in
    • any questions you have about your progress through the major/minor
  • For more information about COM 390 Media Internship, please see and contact Prof. Reece Peck,
  • Please note: Many sections are marked HYBRID, meaning a combination of in-person and online teaching modes.
  • Be sure to register as soon as your assigned date arrives, before sections fill.
  • If you have holds other than ADV, please contact relevant campus units as soon as possible so that you can register without delay. If your financial situation has changed since you last filled out FAFSA, contact Financial Aid. If you have a Bursar hold, please contact the Bursar’s Office to discuss payment plans.

Cinema / Communications Interactive Checklists