Name Title Phone
Patricia Kahn, PhD Assistant Vice President; Chief Information Officer for Information Technology Services  718.982.2209
Donna Sauthoff, BA CUNY Administrative Assistant 718.982.2212
Brian Collins, BS Director, Collaborative Technologies 718.982.2029
Edward Patri, BS Director, Networks 718.982.2705
Doriann Pieve-Hyland, MS Director, Technology Operations, Training & Development 718.982.2348
Linda John, MS Director, Academic Computing 718.982.2226
Thomas Lauria, MS Senior Director Networking Services and Collaborative Technology 718.982.2076
Mark Lewental,  MA Director of Media Services 718.982.4013
Joyce Taylor, MBA Director, Administrative Application & Web Development 718.982.2207
Sep Vakil, MS Director, End User Services 718.982.3972