Networking Services

The College of Staten Island’s Networking Services group provides the college community a reliable, secure and efficient network. We provide network connectivity to more than 15,000 users, using a wide range of computing devices utilizing wired and wireless connectivity.

CSI’s Local Area Network (LAN) is built upon leading routing and switching technologies that provides a 10-gigabit backbone. The LAN supports more than 5000 wired devices, spanning across 22 buildings as well as a satellite site located in St. George, each wired device is provided a 1-gigabit network connection. To maximize uptime, we utilize techniques such as dynamic routing and switching, along with switch redundancy to minimize outages.

CSI Wireless Access

  • Access to the wireless network is available to the CSI community and guests while on campus or satellite site. The wireless network supports most mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

  • Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) ensures that all wireless services deployed on campus adhere to campus-wide standards for performance, security and access control, ITS manages the wireless spectrum to ensure the greatest interoperability and roaming ability for use of campus wireless network.

  • ITS supports three on-campus wireless networks: CSI-Staff, CSI-Student, and CSI-Guest. These wireless networks currently support 802.11a/g/n connections with several locations also supporting 802.11ac.

Helpful Links:

  • Simply scan for one of the approved CSI Wireless Networks and connect.
  • The CSI-Staff wireless network allows active employees wireless access on up to 3 simultaneously devices while on campus.

  • Once devices are connected, they will remain authenticated to the CSI-Staff wireless network until 7 consecutive days of inactivity have elapsed.

  • For instructions on how to connect to CSI-Staff, please view the CSI-Staff Wireless Instructions.

  • The CSI-Student wireless network allows currently enrolled students to wireless access on up to 3 simultaneously devices while on campus.

  • Once devices are connected, they will remain authenticated to the CSI-Student wireless network until 24 hours of inactivity have elapsed. After 24 hours of inactivity have elapsed, you will need to reconnect your device(s) to the wireless network again.

  • For instructions on how to connect to CSI-Student, please view the CSI-Student Wireless Instructions.

  • The CSI-Guest wireless network allows guest to self-register for a limited wireless access on up to 2 devices while on campus. Once registered for a guest account, it will be valid for 24 hours.

  • For instructions on how to connect to CSI-Guest, please view the CSI-Guest Wireless Instructions.

  • We do not recommend that faculty, staff or students use this network since it will be more restrictive and slower than the CSI-Staff or CSI-Student wireless networks.

We can only fix the problems that we know about. If you are experiencing wireless issues, please report the issue to the CSI ITS Help Desk either by e-Mail at or by using the Report a Problem Form.

Please be sure to include the following:

  • Your CSI Student, Staff, or Guest Username.
  • The wireless network you were connected to eg. CSI-Staff, CSI-Student, or CSI-Guest.
  • Operating System of the device used.
  • MAC address of device used to connect. Find instructions on How to find your MAC address.
  • Building, room number and time of issue.
  • Description of the issue.