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It is easy to be part of change that you can see and experience. But what about those changes that aren't so obvious — technology for example? You know it's there and you know it's changing all the time. But does anyone ever sit down with you and share what's going on? Or is it that one day you wake up and something is different. How can we make technology change feel more like a change in seasons where you aren’t surprised? We are hopeful that the ITS Newsletters and Annual Reports will do the trick.

They are short and to the point, yet packed with relevant information and exciting updates about the various technological accomplishments that prepares you for change. While some achievements may be evident, many are behind the scenes and not as apparent. These less visible projects are as equally important as their more noticeable counterparts, since they lay the foundation that brings us closer to opportunities for growth and a more efficient infrastructure.   The content provided will convey what is going on behind the scenes.  Also, we want you to know about the individuals who make it happen.

Strategic Plan

Annual Reports



For newsletters and surveys from prior years, please contact the Office of Information Technology Services.