What is the Student Technology Fee?

The Technology Fee Advisory Committee was established in 2002 to develop the College's plans for use of the revenues from the new student technology fee adopted by the University Board of Trustees. The committee was charged with developing a budget plan in accordance with guidelines established by the University as to the expenditure of these funds and to maximize input across the College community.

How does Student Technology Fee work?

The Student Technology Fee ("Tech Fee") was created as an interactive way to enhance technology available to students on all CUNY campuses. Fees collected from students are held in reserve to fund projects that have a "demonstrable affect" on the student body. Each campus has an advisory committee that consists of administrative staff, faculty and student representatives that oversee budget allocation and project approval however; Tech Fee is totally dependent on the entire college community for its functioning: without proposals submitted by students, faculty, and staff, there would be no projects to fund.

Grant Recipients

Committee Members

  • Members of the  2018 - 2019 Technology Fee Revenue Advisory Committee coming soon.

Tech Fee Revenue Advisory Committee Recommended Expenditures

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