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Research At CSI

Student at Engineering LabThere is ample opportunity for collaborative research with faculty of the Department of Engineering Science and Physics and with faculty of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics. Interested students have opportunity to work with their faculty on research projects in a wide-variety of field of interest. Currently, Engineering Science and Physics faculty are working in fields as digital image and video processing, digital transmission systems and networking, multimedia applications, non-linear laser optics, fluid dynamics, quantum electronics, ultra fast laser pulses, heat transfer, turbulent flow, CCD devices, astronomical image processing, kinetic theory of traffic flow, heat transfer in biological tissue, and biomedical engineering. In the toolbar to the left are the links to our research groups' web pages highlighting the research activities at the Department of Engineering Science and Physics. Below are the members of the various research groups. Students who are interesting in getting involved in research should feel free to contact members of each group.

Research Groups