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Double at the CSI STEM Summer Camp in Building 2M

In early March, the Double was used in one of Continuing Educations’ Summer Camp open house sessions, which is geared to promote STEAM education. The vendor could not be physically present on campus to talk to the parents and kids about the program, so from New Jersey, she was able to connect to the Double and address the audience and move around the room.

Double at the Srping Refrehser with OITS Staff in Building 1C

The Double was also used by Doriann Hyland in her Spring Refresher in building 1C, which brings technology awareness to students.

Double Meeting With Vendor From Canada

OITS used Double in discussions with the company, Hard Steal, live from Canada.

Double at the CSI Faculty Technology Day

Double made the acquaintance of many professors and staff at the 1st Faculty Technology Day