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Computer-Assisted Chemistry Tutorial Lab

Chemistry Department

Computer-Assisted Chemistry Tutorial Lab

Data Acquisition & Computer Labs

The chemistry department has set up twenty State-of-the Art computer interfaced data acquisition stations in 6S/239 and 249 laborateries.

Two of the chemistry laboratories have workstations complete with A-D (Analog-to-Digital) converter with pH probes and thermocouples. The stations allow the students to collect in real time, temperature and/or pH values of the chemical reactions takening place, and export the data into Excel program to prepare a final report.

The student can collect multiple temperature changes in real time from the reaction vessels and import or export to the computer for instant graphical results. Currently, these stations are used for the experiments in general, physical & inorganic chemistry laboratory where the determination of freezing point depression, phase diagram experiment, acid-base titration, and conductivity & voltage measurement are used.

We plan to expand the system to include the measurement of dissolved oxygen gas, magnetic field, motion detector, ammonium, calcium, carbon dioxide or chlorine of the environmental or biological samples.

In addition, the department has set up a tutorial lab with several computers with more than a dozen tutorial programs such as Concentrated Chemical Concept (Trinity), General Chemistry by Falcon, Chem-4-Draw, Graphical Analysis by Vernier, SigmaPlot, and Squalor (Qualitative Organic Analysis). Once the students are given a project or unknowns, they come in to solve the problem with help of Teaching Assistants.